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Hmmm. I thought I was in the wrong. That's cool. Thanks.
Ok. This COULD be pretty easy. Im not sure though. I went to fix a ball mark on the green with a tee the other day and after pushing it up some I used the back of MY HAND to tamp it back down. I think it is a violation. Doesnt matter in the game I was in but I want to be clear anyway.. I should have used the bottom of my putter or bottom of my shoe no?
I'm lucky enough to live really close to the course that hosts the SONY open. I cant seem to find a list of confirmed players? My friend and I want to just pick one random player and follow him and root for him. Any ideas? I know Vikays in and some other guys but I want a complete list..
Hmmm. OK. Ihave a much better understanding now..Thanks. so its not all BS.
So I was reading about the new Titleist 910 D2 and D3 drivers and they had a graphic that showed with adjustments a higher trajectory and more or less draw and fade. Do they attempt to create more of a draw by just closing the face more? We all know now that the position of the face at impact only dictates where the ball STARTS on its flight and not the actual path of the ball (draw or fade). So are the drivers that say you can change the path of the ball with...
Ray Cook blue goose? And this threads only 3 weeks old? Weird. I had a Ray Cook Blue Goose II for a while and it was really good. Old but good. I get much better results with the odyssey 2 ball blade though. 35inch.
I cut mine a half an inch and didnt notice much difference at all. MAYBE I toe it a bit less. Not sure. As far as weight .5 inches of graphite shaft weighs like I dunno. Probably a lot less than 6 grams or so. You can feel that? Really? Someone here thinks they can feel an <6 gram difference? Maybe. I dunno. The whole 44.5 inch shaft weighs 75 grams. I threw an extra wrap of masking tape on the shaft and figured it evened out. I still choke down some too. And yeah. I did...
If you're statrting the ball off way to the right then the divot should be straight. If you're starting it straight then it will be a little to the left because its AFTER the ball.
YESTERDAY Dammit. Hole one. Olomana golf course. Tee off from the blues. No warm up no stretching nothing. Just went and teed off at about 130pm. I've played this course 20 times over the past year and a half mind you. Half the time starting on ten though. Slight dog left left. I drive the fairway and I've got about 210 left to the hole. Sheesh I'm thinking I really need some distance on my driver. I thought I hit it ok. Borrow my friends 20* nickent hybrid and say I'll...
Southern used the perfect word in his description. A FRACTION. Clones or bootlegs, knockoffs, fakes whatever you want to call them should be 10% of a new price. Not 80%. I would buy em for $50 maybe for the hell of it. or look around until you can find a real set of pings for $275. Shoot. G10s are damned good irons if youre a ping guy. I am not. But a LARGE percentage of golfers are for good reason.
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