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Im just commenting so I can follow this too. I finally got S&T ingrained with my driver and I was hitting low straight rockets. I wanna keep things the same and just get 10.5 or even 11.5* I guess the answer is to get fitted. My problem is I dont want to be fittted and have someone tell me the right driver is a new ping m25 ($250)with a $300 shaft. I won't do it. I wont spend more than $125-$150 on a driver. I dont think I have to.
I need an 11.5 degree driver now. Seriously. I was hitting long low arrows with still a bit too much sidespin. I think a degree or two would make a good difference and at soem distance. Anyone wanna trade?
I don't think he's a troll I just think he's the victim of inaccurate range markers and lack of information. Slices are caused 99% of the time by anout to in swing path. The club face determines the path the ball STARTS on. Swing PATH controls the spin and ball flight. TRy pushing your forward shoulder UP more than swinging it open and see if if that helps. Same with the hips. Dont swing them open too soon. You can hit a hybrid further than a driver IF you come in...
2 guys already said "hells yeah I'm in. Surf dependent." hahaha. I might be in the surf group as well tho to tell the truth. back dependent.
Dont forget the volcanic clouds
Good example. Did anyone WATCH Harringtons double eagle? No. They showed him hit the ball then they showed what looked like a generic clip of a ball rolling in a hole and then showed him smile. It actually looked fake. i dont think it was but it looked fake. I'll tell you what screws me up with National golf coverage. Too many damned leagues. I just dont get it. Nationwide tour, PGA. Whats a Masters and whats an open? I dont know. I just watch whats on. And if you're on...
I noticed more than felt that my left (forward) shoulder was swinging way open way before the clubhead was on the ball. I worked on pushing my chest through, tucking my butt and pushing my left shoulder up more instead of swinging it open and it helped A LOT. I ended up nearly jumping off the ground with some drives and on one I was on both toes after follow through and one my back foot came off the ground and swung towards the tee kinda but they all came out looking...
You can buy new mojos for like $9 a dozen.
I wish. Im a 24 my partners a 2.4. He's do good I can't impress or surprise him so I just play my stinkin ass game and have fun
Great school to PAY for warmup balls but maybe their english teachers weren't PAID enough. Just breaking balls here. Dont get offended
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