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Maybe you guys should get more boring jobs and GO THROUGH all 19 pages like I did so you don't put "Does your husband play" for the 55th time. I think there's 5 pages worth of that one. The only one I like that I will share is when you or someone's on the green but as far as could be from the pin "you're on the dance floor, you're just in the back with the fat chicks."
A 125 yard gap wedge in the wind from a female junior golfer.. DAMMIT. I'm a big strong dude and I have S**T for distance. I hope the wind was behind em. I mean I CAN hit my 52*GW 125 but not accurately. I would hit my PW 75% instead.
That's where I keep my cap information (24 ish i think)and it pissed me off when they changed it. Now it's up to you to assign a rating for the course. Im going to have to join somewhere that uses an official system and just put all my old scores in. I mean I rated the last course I played a 73 based on the actual rating 71.6 and how many beers I had. So that's not going to be even close to accurate.
I don't wanna offend anyone but I think if you have to have the newest TM driver the day it's released for $399 or $499 you're an ass. I know people with PLENTY money who don't work and play 4 or 5 days a week and even they would wait 3-6 months to get it for half price still in the frigging wrapper. These are usually th people with normal cars and not a ton of debt. This disposable, latest and greatest marketing has ruined this country. There are exceptions. I know that....
I've been knocking my friends around the range and they work great for me at a 20+ hdcp and my friends a 2.5 and he loevs em so.. yeah. I need to add a few myself. I dropped my 5 wood and Im going to get a 20* or 19* 4dx. I think I read somewhere the 5DX were harder to hit.
Yeah yeah I know. I just read a post titled last game of the year and I felt bad. I didn't comment because I didn't want to rub salt in the wounds. I wont put pants on unless we tee off before 7. Even then I'm in shorts by 8am. Year round. Really I could wear shorts even at 7am but putting pants on is somewhat of a novelty and is fun once or twice a year. HAHAHA.
This helped me A TON. I had my irons going well but my driver was getting worse and worse. I watched those videos, practiced in the mirror, figured it out and went from hitting an occasional fairway a ruond.. Seriously. I would hit one fairway per round sometimes none. I hit 9 fairways last round. NO range time in between either. THANKS. I used to aim so far left it was scary. It would start left, slice and roll another 50-80 feet DEAD right. I hit a bunch of straight...
We're finally going to have all the boys together this thanksgiving morning and we want to play some sort of tournament. There's 6 definites maybe 8. I was thinking of scramble with 3 or 4 teams or some sort of peoria rule tournament? We have a 2.3 hdcp on one end and 2 guys who will shoot 110 or higher. Anyone have any cool ideas for a way to make it more interesting? I just realized if the surf is up this may not work. Half of us would probably rather surf...
I pick em up
The explanations of the rules of golf sometimes confuse me more than the rules which are confusing. Can we get the rule book revised with todays english? Bunkerputtas got it right with the King James thing. I know it's not easy to simplify the rules without leaving grey areas or loopholes but c'mon. I can barely understand the basic ones. Maybe I don't have the patience at work right now but ufck if that aint a confusing one. just say it simply.. Not you erik. the rule...
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