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I caddied at winged foot for a couple years when I was a wee rabbit. To start there are 2 courses. East and west. Both gorgeous. And I mean gorgeous. The facilities were top notch. I think it was free club cleaning, repairs etc. The clubhouse was OLD brick and slate and really had that old school english charm. Most players preffered the east course. As a caddy I preferred the west. I thought it was prettier, less hilly and shadier with more shortcuts. lol.. The caddy...
Ok. I definitely plan on getting fitted within a month or so, but I had a few questions I wanted to sort out before hand as far as club heads, shafts, grips etc.. I have just started golfing again. I've been hitting the range like an animal and my irons are playing VERY well. 3-sw is good. I rarely hit the driver at the range because I rarely hit the driver on the course. 7-12 times a round about.. We'll leave putting alone for now. UGH. The current shafts on my irons...
Ya know I was thinking of going to golftec just because they were big etc. But the guy at my local range here in Honolulu is super cool, quick, and good with what I've given him so far. I asked about fitting and he said dynamic putter and irons fitting was only $60! I forget the prices on the driver fitting and other things they do but it seemed really reasonable to me.
You know what word everyone left out? Fun.. Its FUN to regrip your own clubs. And you do not need tape. Ever. I dont think so anyway. it's easier without it and makes the next regrip a lot easier too..
Good question. I have offset irons and I have gotten my swing groove back together after a few (12) years off and I feel like I'm hitting the ball a lot better but now my mishits go straight to the left instead of slicing like they used to. I was wondering if I should ditch the offsets since I think I am getting the face closed in time... Maybe I'll just try some clubs without much of an offset and see how that works out.. Any ideas? My clubs are oooolllddd too..
Bignasty is right. Its super easy. You cant really ufck it up. I dont really see how if you were semi careful. Some people enjoy working on their stuff - customizing it etc.. Some people would rather have others do it. I LOVE regripping. Except peeling off the tape. Ugh. You dont need tape!
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