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From what I've seen of other peoples issues with different club makers they've been pretty good with customer service. I havent really read of any serious customer service issues anywhere. I don't see Mizuno being aholes about this.
How is that in a magazine with a 2010 date? And when are they going to stop selling "draw" drivers that dont promode a draw?
I don't recall ever doing it on a course either so maybe it is crappy range balls.
They BETTER take em back and give you the right ones. I don't see why they wouldnt
Wait a minute. You're telling me I cant hit a corkscrew shot? Cuz I have. Rare, and they usually start out looking ok like the OP but I've seen them definitely corkscrew. Most of the time I'll push one out left and it'll rise and fade then on the way down it'll come back to the left some. No wind. What about pitchers who can throw a screwball? The balls giong a lot slower with a lot less distance too and they get it to "corkscrew". I WISH I could work them the other...
I had it sorted out for a while but I've been slicing again. I think I have an idea why. I was practicing in the mirror and I noticed that i open my forward shoulder WAY too early. I need to work on lifting it up and not spinning it open more.
They're all over in the stores here. Roger dunn had about a dozen a week ago and plenty out of th eplastic to demo and plenty in the plastic still.. What are the differences between d2 and d3 again? I wanted to try one but wasnt sure which one was easier to hit so I just horsed around with some hybrids instead.. EDIT*** Oooops Sorry. Heres the difference right here http://thesandtrap.com/bag_drop/titl..._from_titleist D2 is bigger (460cc) D3 is smaller . I might go try...
Thanks Valleygolfer, but no. It didnt help me at all I dont think. I wish it did. I mean I know my swing needs work but I know the shafts nowadays are getting too long too.
Maybe if you were nice to him he would have offered a massage or something. Ever think of that? maybe you smell/look gay? Hahaha. JK. Sounds weird but prolly no big deal.
So I cut my TM R7 Quad driver down about a half an inch and I havent noticed a damn thing any different. I knew it wouldn't be a miracle but thought it might help straighten out my ball flight some. It didn't. MAYBE I haven't hit as many off the toe as I was but no big difference. And yeah I didn it myself. I dont care if a took 2.7685 grams of weight out of it. That's all B.S. You can' feel the difference in half an inch or graphite. I can't anyway.
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