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Cuz you lefties are weirdos. My brothers a lefty. You should see him write his name. It's like hes got the ratards or something.
Nto a low capper but I dont think a divot is a bad thing with a fairway wood. Going by 2 things. I've seen pros take divots with fairway woods and hit great shots and my best fairway wood shots always result in a sizable divot. Sometimes larger then I would with an iron. Maybe I'm not seeing your true dilemna but I dont think a divot is a problem. There may be other problems though
Here's another question. Suppose youre say a 12 hdcp man. Are the slope and rating of the course at the red tees unisex or is it slanted towards women. I mean do they consider red tees womens tees or just the shortest of the 3 or 4 ? If I played from the red tees for whatever reason could I submit that score and have it properly reflected in my hdcp rating or would it screw things up? On another note I'm going to play the white tees on Monday. I always have a lot more...
yeah. I have spent well over 10,000 playing hocey and I am nowhere near expert level. Compared to someone who has never played yeah. It would be ridiculous to try and play me but still. I'd get smoked in a minor league game, never mind concussed pretty quickly. lol. Shoot I've probbaly got 10,000 hours coaching hockey but I could never coach college or pro hockey. I mean not this week.
Is it worth it to go from a 420 or 440cc head to 460cc if you have problems finding the sweet spot on your current smaller head driver? Sorry to thread jack but it kinda fits in here
How many baseball players are in MLB that didnt play college. Oh 90% or so... A lot of hockey players dont play college either. There are different proving grounds for each sport.
This isnt a competition. I guess it came off sounding like I was complaining that all of the courses here are more difficult but that's not what I meant. I meant the difference between whites and tips is so big. I wuold LOVE to tee off at a course with 68.3/124 from the tips though. It's still hard for me too. Im just saying a135/72.2 course is killer for me
I also notice that a lot of people are posting scores from some pretty damned easy courses a lot of the time. I see some guys saying they played a course from the tips at 119/66.5 or something crazy. SHeeeeyit. I'll tee those tips up any damned day. My 3 most frequently played courses from the whites are 127/70.4, 124/68.2, 122/68.9 and from the tips; 135/72.2, 129/70.3, 132/73.5. Pretty big differences. The courses get a lot harder from the back tees.
Sure. At a 5.0 I understand you want to play it as hard as it can be played. I see guys who probably shoot 120s playing blues or blacks too. Weird. When I do play whites once in a blue moon it is a big difference. I'd much rather have an 8 iron in then a 5. At a 20+ HDCP I shouldnt be playing blues. The good thing is the bunkers arent in play for me ever. I know if I'm in a bunker I hit it looong or if I'm in a greenside bunker I hit a good shot and it's a small miss....
Open your stance and swing the same. Im learning to control my path and most importantly ball flight by just making the same swing and just playing with my stance.
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