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Doesn't the handicap rating system take into account what tee you are playing from and adjust accordingly? Im a 20+ cap and play from the tips though because my friends make fun of me if we dont
I have the Nike SQ tour carry with 14 full length dividers. I love it. I have blue and grey because a lot of what I wear 9shoes etc.. ) is blue.
I hit moer trees monday then I ever have in my life. Seriously I must have hit a tree 15 tiems on one round. I jsut coudnt catch a break. the tee boxes were lined up way left and lately instead of trying to correct it I've just been playing a fade,slice. EVery damned tee shot almost hit a tree with about half of them hitting trees and then about 8 of my 2nd or 3rd shots hit trees too. I could go on and on about the ridiculous tree shots I hit that one day.
Ha.. Me too. I use an 8 iron for a lot of chipping and roll outs and its amazingly more accurate FOR ME than using a SW or LW. problem is sometimes I'll have a good swing, it's right at the pin then it'll land (on a flat green) and roll way left or right. I don't know. I guess I'm putting a tiny bit of spin on it even with a miniscule stroke.. I feel your pain bro. Great question. I took it as so inevitable I never gave thought to trying to correct it. Sometimes it'll roll...
No, you're wrong. It's not meant for anybody. It's just someone whining like a 5 year old. Shoot if most 5 year olds think your'e cheating at least they would call you out on it. Unlike the OP. And no. I dont cheat. I play with people but rarely play against anyone. I play against myself and the cousre and I get really upset if I forget a stroke or score because I want to know how I truly performed. So don't pretend in your weak way to accuse me of cheating. I just hate...
Why I don't read the golf mags. It's a shame really. But I just can't. Same reason I don't listen to old grumpy fisherman about how braided line is terrible. They're ignorant
I use an air compressor to blow my grips on . SUPER easy. I also dont use grip tape I use masking tape. And no smelly, carcinogenic flammabale solvents. I use caveman lube. (spit) simple. Takes 10 minutes to do a set of irons too.
This is the most passive aggressive (pu**y) thing I've ever read. Take it to craisglist rant & rave section or pull your skirt up and confront the guy but leave it the f**k off this site Mary. God. Grow a pair.
Hmmm. i tend to miss and hit push slices sometimes and its always off of the toe. I actually hit the toe pretty frequently and I've always choked down an inch or so. And I was just about to chop my shaft to help accuracy.. Think I should lenthen it by not choking down? it's a TM R7 Quad BTW. Looking up shaft length now. Kinda old so probably not one of the 46ers.
Had em (cant remember the brand) and couldnt control anything. WAY too incosistent for me. But they may haev just been the wrong shaft altogether and I cant discount rgaphite shafts altogether. I switched to DGHLS300 and I love em.
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