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I did most of mine again last night. i had the muilti compounds and didnt like em. Its pretty easy and if you're a DIY kinda guy you should definitely do it. I did it while wathcing jennifers body. lol.
I had to throw this in here quick. Its hilarious.
Realtors dont do appraisals. Appraisers do appraisals.
I dont know what a paddle grip is but I just replaced my old beat up odyssey grip with a new odyssey grip and i'll be damned if I cant putt a hell of a lot better with it. Still suck though hahaha
I vote got Ping G10 too> Ive hit over 100 shots with them and havent hit a bad one yet (in the store .. lol) I dont own one yet.
Thanks. Ill hit less than normal before each round and just work on feel, finesse and shoulder turn. And I will bring advils. I get MEAN hangovers. And Pseudoephedrine for diving/surfing. If those advils arent already packed and my old lady woulda forget them then I owe bwdial at least a few beers if not a sleeve of pro v-1s. I would have been miserable without them. THANKS!
I don't believe you. I bet side by side video comparison would show you somehow that it may feel you'er swinging the same but you must be doing something different.
Straight back, straight down, but yeah.. the wrists. WHY? Why teach people to shake hands or roll their wrists or whatever else? The balls already 20 feet away. It's this sort of instruction that's ruining people. The best benefit of that"maneuver' would be if you ended up with a perfectly flat left wrist and squared club at impact. Repeatable maybe 1 in every ten shots? The timing to get that right just makes it all that much harder. Ridiculous. Start with a flat wrist,...
Like yuo're holding a baby bird or an egg. Hold it, but no squeeze.
My dad showed me my interlock grip and how to swing a club about 28 years ago ( i was about 5). I didnt stick with it. at about 12 or 13 he took me out on the golf course with his heavy ass leather bag and 14 clubs and whatever the hell else he had in there and taught me how to caddy. I didnt make it a full 18. He had to have his playing partners caddy carry both for the last 6 or so holes. But every round after that I caddied I finished on my own. I still didnt really try...
New Posts  All Forums: