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When people ask me if I have seen their club, (and I have), I tell them it is where they left it. I never pick up a club, I don't think anyone helps anybody by picking a club up.
I enjoy Tiger when he is not in "protection" mode. I love the new commercial of him playing with some sponsor's client.  
I love to watch a round with Tiger in it. I used to be in awe of his ability to bring spectators to the game of golf. He now is simply a run of the mill PGA representative. There are times when he is a good ambassador and times when he is not. I figured something out this weekend about my admiration for Tiger; I always thought he was gifted, he is not. He is a technician and nothing more. When his swing is "broken" he is done, he has nowhere to go. Bubba is gifted. The...
I love my BMW X3, it is far sportier than the X5. I drive it just as hard as I used to drive my Alfa back in the day. The X3 has a nook in the inside liner that lets the club heads fit.
I remember him winning on the Nike Tour here in Wichita, I hope he lives long and prospers; but another major... nah.
You guys must never talk to women, the dude is long waisted with a very short inseam. That gives you the proportions of a dwarf, on a regular height person it is a very odd look. ... and gives him a torso rotation ability we would all like to have.
The desert is sponsored by Omega, don't you suppose there might be a reason there?
It is simple, he really needs an aneurysm to complete his "pathetic show".
I went to the Golf Headquarters on West 21st and the guy did OK. The Dicks should do well but did not seem to have it together. The Golf Warehouse has gotten a swing analyzer recently but I have not seen them use it nor do I think they actually have a Pro on staff. I have gotten some bad news lately, would you be interested in some of my TM?
I love playing with other people, but I play alone by preference most of the time. I play up to three balls at a time and not necessarily the entire hole. I play golf to hit shots, not keep score or follow arcane rules, (necessary though they may be for competitive play), and I move very quickly. I tend to play very early when possible and will simply skip holes if I get caught behind Easter Egg Hunts or idiots. I buy $20 dollar balls and never look for a ball beyond...
New Posts  All Forums: