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Fabian, I hope you had a great time in Mexico and got to play some golf.  I only had the chance to play once at Palmilla.  A great course with some beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez.  I would have liked to play more, but it was just to expensive for me.  I spent most of the time with my wife and daughter by the pool and site seeeing and just enjoying our time together.
Played on Saturday 7/13/13.  Even par 35 on the front, and a 3 over 38 on the back for a 73. Played solid all day.  Made some good putts, as well as some nice up and down saves. 
I practice in the early morning before work at 5:00 to 7:30 once or twice a week.  I chip and putt for an hour and a half, and then hit balls on the range for another half hour or so.  I play on Saturday and Sunday mornings in a league with friends, and i get there early and hit balls on Saturday for an hour before we tee off at 7:30, and on Sunday we play at 8:30 or so, and I get to practice for about 2 hours.  If I have the time after I play, I will work on my swing...
CBS...I'm Feherty fan and that also gives the edge to CBS as well. 
k-troop, Thanks for the information, and yes the thread is really old.  I did a search and this came up, so I just went with it hoping to get a response.  When I get back I'll update the thread with some current information for other members that might be going to Cabo in the future.    Thank you.
Chip Shot, I'm on my way to Cabo San Lucas with my wife and daughter for April vacation, and will be staying at the same location that you did. I'm going to play 3 times, so I think I'll bring my clubs.  I know you went a couple of years ago, but how was it?   Thanks Jim
I carried for years, but then had 3 different surgeries, one on my foot, and one for each shoulder, and since then I have used a push cart.  I play with a lot of different people, and some of them carry, and some use a push or pull cart.  I really don't give it a second thought, and have never heard any negative comments about using one.
Nice smooth 52* GW.
Rfordeagle, I've recently been working on the same thing from the other side (righty) of the ball.  I've been concentrating on keeping my left arm straight, close to my chest while making a good turn with my shoulders away from the ball.  I have trouble with the drill of keeping a glove or towel under my arm...it just doesn't feel comfortable, and I'm sure it's not suppose to, but I just haven't been able to make it work.  I saw a person on the range the other day with a...
I'm a member at the Harmon Club in Rockland, MA.  It's a small private 9 hole club, but if you're ever in the area, and want to play, I'd be happy to meet you on a Saturday morning around 9:00 is when I play.   The South Shore Country Club in Hingham is open.  It's a nice 18 hole course open to the public.
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