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bump for those who haven't seen that Golf Logix is letting you try their GPS for 24 hours free on select smart phones (blackberry, iphone, etc). Used it 2 days ago and it saved me several strokes... Worth every penny!
definitely depends on the school. If I didn't play baseball I would have played golf for my school. Back then I shot high 80's and I would have made varsity. crazy I know.
hey I just checked on the "App Store" and they are offering Golf Logix free for 24 hours of use!
this one?
I was wondering the same thing... and I also say to lose the 3i.
yeah attire is truly something special.
not sure... but the vid was added to YouTube August 16, 2009, 02:17 PM so my guess is after.
figured as much, still funny looking.
my in on my iphone so it goes right back in my pocket afterwards, lol ;)
hahaha he puts his left hand below his right.
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