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Nice job. I am jealous. How wonderful! I wish I can have one in 5 years maybe.
I started in 2009, so let me set some realistic 2010 goal: 1. Break 90 by year end 2. More practice of short game 3. Practice more on grass 4. Keep more detailed scorecard
I got a tip recently from a professional about how to swing faster/hit ball further without extra effort. Take tennis ball and squeeze it often. This will make your hands and forearms strong so you swing easy with speed. Your winter golf gym must have more training. This one tip is easy to do, just I have not bring a tennis ball to office yet. these guys swing feally fast, and pretty hard, there are 3 more if you like it, you can find them in related video.
Can I say I am very confused again here. How is there disagreement in this swing fundamental. And the language we use here just make it more confusing.Are you saying the leading edge of the club face should be squre to swing arc at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock same way as it's square at address?or squre at address, open it up slowly in back swing, square it slowly in down swing, then close it slowly in follow through?I would say fully open up at half back swing, toe up or...
go play some indoor simulator.
and more video, see 16s and 48s
Exactly. I am trying to post a video, not sure it'll work. at 3 second, club toe is up. at 16 second, club toe is up. I am confused too.
First of all, I am new to this game. I thought that leading edge should not be square to swing path. Instead the toe of club should lead the back swing after 90 degree, or at least start to lead. 2 reasons: It's easier for my right arm to lead when thumb is up. During down swing, center of weight is on swing plain and follow the shaft up till contact zone. BTW: Great forum, learned a lot here.
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