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Nicely done, Jimbo.   Your Avatar is great!  Next time anybody claims driving 300+, all we need to do is to check his face on video to see if that frame to frame angle through the hit zone is greater than 56 degrees.  Or, that hit zone triangle is approaching equalaterial!!
I say the OP has more "class" than Darksun22...   1. OP started his own thread instead of Darksun22 hijacking OP's thread. 2. OP posted good lighting swing videos outside with down the line views and face on views.  Where is Darksun22's face on view swing videos?? 3. Sim is just not the real thing! Period! 4. A less than $100 camera will do good on filming down the line view and face on view swings and Darkson22 is not doing that!! 5. How the hell is the Sim...
Any one who claim to drive over 300 yrds have to qualify their post with their swing videos!  Otherwise, their post will be deleted !
I think  Iacas  made a mistake in getting the  radius of the circle earlier!  Its  67"  instead of  57"......(43+26-2).   So the swing speed should be  ~96*(67/57) = 112.
You always play to your handicap over a long period!  Just remember most people will have more bad days than good days in golf as they always think of doing better than their average.
I don't think the proposed is going to work.   In the game of golf, there was never a time element involved.  I think its about time to introduce that, either in penalty strokes for exceeding a time limit or bonus for fast play.   I have work for more than 7 years as a marshal on a public county course.  What usually happened is that by about the 7 th group out from the morning, the course speed is already down to the average of 5hrs round.  The first groups are...
Not exactly like that!  My thought and action is try to rotate my head on the  vertical axis of my left eye and bring my right ear around down towards the ball and rest on my right shoulder as it rotates through.   Reverse pivot is usually due to movement of the tail bone to your right on your back swing.
I don't see the analogy of shoe size fitting either.   You yourself knows whether the shoe fits or not.   But, its the club fitter who tells you the club they sell you fits you!!   I have started a thread in the Golf talk section about whether club fitting only fits your current swing, good or bad.  It may actually reenforce a bad swing.
Most people fail to understand one thing about keeping their head still and swing faster!   If you look at down the line view of pro swings at impact carefully, you will notice in order to keep their head in the relative same position in relation to the ball, the distance from the head to right hip and right shoulder to right hip is shorter than at address.  This is to keep the spine angle position relatively the same relative to the ball.  i.e. at address, your...
Isn't it true then, if I already can hit consistently with my current clubs that I should be fitted with same spec.?  Most people will start with stock clubs and learned from there, good or bad,  worked hard to fit into the clubs.  A new club fitting will change the game.  A relearning process!
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