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I write left handed and do a few other things left handed but I always thought that a right handed golf swing IS left hand dominant. That is the hand you have a glove on and you lead with the left side. When I get done hitting a bucket or playing my left forearm is sometimes sore the next day. My left arm is definately stronger than the right.
I happen to know him quite well. You must be a Tiger fanboy with a comment like that.
I need my guy Charlie Beljan to play good again this week. He's on his 2nd year exemption from winning at Disney in 2012 and needs some money $$$ to secure his card.     Is it top 125 on the  money list that keep their cards?
I have just developed some pain and discomfort in that exact area. It has effected my swing and posture and is severely aggrivated at the gym during squats and deadlifts. I would love to try this product out. I have purchased and used Serola's forearm brace and it did wonders for my "tennis elbow"
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver.   Henrik Stenson -13 Hunter Mahan -13 Kevin Na -13
I got called a traitor by a lefty on the golf course last Friday because I was writing left handed and golfing right handed. I told the guy that a right handed golf swing is really left handed.
I got my reply, no dice. We are still in for the practice round tickets which will be announced mid July.
Jim Furyk +2 Bill Haas +2 Gary Woodland +2
I think Brandel said yesterday or on Sunday that Tiger's problem's are from doing the heavy lifting and should give up the squats. Frank played it off but really Brandel?   I think Tiger knows his way around the weight room.
Martin Kaymer  -5 Gary Woodland -5 Nick Watney -5
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