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I will second the recommendation on Wekopa Saguaro course.   Also check out Talking stick which has 2 courses. One is a resort stlye course and the other is kind of a links style course. Also located in the Fountain Hills area is Eagle Mountain.   I would also add Moon Valley Country Club to the list. It is private and they allow a few tee times per day. Great non-desert course where they used to hold the LPGA Standard Register Ping tournamnet. (Annika shot 59...
I don't think he has to move the mark but I believe you could have told him to go ahead and putt his ball.   I didn't see anything in the decision book regarding the OP's situation but this could be a breach of etiquette and should be brought to the committees attention.
The Phoenix Open should be pushed to mid or late February which would eliminate frost delays which seems to happen almost every year.   I don't like having the Superbowl and Phoenix Open in the same weekend especially when they are both in AZ.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B33-RX golf balls   Sergio Garcia -14 Charl Swartzel -13 John Daly -13
I write left handed and do a few other things left handed but I always thought that a right handed golf swing IS left hand dominant. That is the hand you have a glove on and you lead with the left side. When I get done hitting a bucket or playing my left forearm is sometimes sore the next day. My left arm is definately stronger than the right.
I happen to know him quite well. You must be a Tiger fanboy with a comment like that.
I need my guy Charlie Beljan to play good again this week. He's on his 2nd year exemption from winning at Disney in 2012 and needs some money $$$ to secure his card.     Is it top 125 on the  money list that keep their cards?
I have just developed some pain and discomfort in that exact area. It has effected my swing and posture and is severely aggrivated at the gym during squats and deadlifts. I would love to try this product out. I have purchased and used Serola's forearm brace and it did wonders for my "tennis elbow"
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver.   Henrik Stenson -13 Hunter Mahan -13 Kevin Na -13
I got called a traitor by a lefty on the golf course last Friday because I was writing left handed and golfing right handed. I told the guy that a right handed golf swing is really left handed.
New Posts  All Forums: