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And they can change the tag line to "A Tradition like every other"
If I win I'll choose the Orange Pure Pro to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage!   Dustin Johnson   -13 Kevin NA  -12 Thongchai Jaidee   -13
I saw it live and it definitely looked like he pressed down on the club to me. It looked like more than a brush of the top of the grass so I voted yes he grounded his club. It is really tough to see on video but Ernie knows the rules and it is obvious his ball is in the hazard with the red line right there so I would take Ernie's word on this one.
Superstitious? No but definitely a creature of habit. Besides I live at 1313, have a black cat, walk under ladders and I once opened my golf umbrella INDOORS. 
Some interesting stuff in this article.   March 12, 2015 A former teammate speaks out on Patrick Reed’s suspension at Augusta State By Stephanie Wei under General   http://www.weiunderpar.com/post/a-former-teammate-speaks-out-on-patrick-reeds-suspension-at-augusta-state
Boy that sure is no Millenium Falcon. I wonder if he was trying to make the Kessel Run inunder 12 Parsecs?
33rd (+2)
During the immunity challenge why were they all hitting driver? If the goal was to be as close to the white line as possible and assuming that white line started at 180 - 200 yards out I think I'd hit the shortest club and hopefully an iron. I think I have more confidence working a 5 iron than driver. I didn't see any really good driver fades from these guys.
Charlie Beljan is hot right now. 6 birdies through 10 with a 29 on the front (par 34).
I will second the recommendation on Wekopa Saguaro course.   Also check out Talking stick which has 2 courses. One is a resort stlye course and the other is kind of a links style course. Also located in the Fountain Hills area is Eagle Mountain.   I would also add Moon Valley Country Club to the list. It is private and they allow a few tee times per day. Great non-desert course where they used to hold the LPGA Standard Register Ping tournamnet. (Annika shot 59...
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