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I think Brandel said yesterday or on Sunday that Tiger's problem's are from doing the heavy lifting and should give up the squats. Frank played it off but really Brandel?   I think Tiger knows his way around the weight room.
Martin Kaymer  -5 Gary Woodland -5 Nick Watney -5
I bought the Maltby forged TE irons when they came out and couldn't be happier. I had a set of forged Titleist (705?) before theses but I prefer the Malty because of the very little offset and thin top line. I just ordered the Maltby driver and it is on back order till end of April so I'll let you know how it is when I get it.   I have never had anyone talk down about my irons especially after I let them hit them. I just find forged irons have better feel and don't think...
I wear my NIKE transition glasses on a daily bases but switch to dark sunglasses while playing golf. I have worn my transitions when it is cloudy but here in AZ that is like 2 days a year. I have polarized clips that go over the transition lenses for in the car. It's too dry in the desert for contacts.
some interesting reading regarding this topic. http://ralphmaltby.com/forum/article/62
Cutting it down is a good idea. Make sure a good clubfitter does it and I would make sure you get the swing weight back to a at least D0. Depending on the weight of the head and overall weight of the club a half inch is equal to approximately 3 swingweights.
my suggestion would be to buy from Golfworks. http://golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_UTFRI
Here in AZ the courses go way overboard in making everything super green. However, many courses have changed their practices over the last 2 years such as not overseeding roughs in the Fall and some don't overseed fairways and roughs. I played a couple of courses that only overseeded the greens and green surrounds and left the fairways and roughs dormant throughout the winter. The courses played fine and were quite fun with the excessive roll you get off the driver. I...
Press Release http://www.cobragolf.com/corporate/p...ease.asp?id=89 I wonder if the tour pros will still be wearing the Cobra visors with the ProV1 logo on it?
I don't know if it is my bag or just dirt from playing but I can not keep my lime green grip clean. Just a FYI.
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