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Here's a review Erik did of the custom shop a while backhttp://thesandtrap.com/archives/club...ustom_shop.php
OK, I got another question for you... How about your sleeper, winner and biggest dissapointment picks for the PGA Championship? - Joe, OH
What is your opinion on the ladies playing in PGA events and men (vandy) trying to play in LPGA events?
You think 878 yards is alot.... I found this today after reading the original post:
I'm just glad to see that Tommy is gone. He has to have one of the ugliest golf swings I have ever seen. Plus, that southern accent.... Jeez, how annoying.
This upcoming winter will be my first offseason since I started to play golf. I was hoping to add a couple of clubs to my collection during this time. I don't know if this is true or not since this is my first offseason, but I figured prices should start to drop around late November and December. Is this true? Is there usually a different in prices of golf stuff when it can't be played? I was trying to figure out if I should start to just buy stuff now or wait a...
Has anybody else heard of these new Noodle balls, the Noodle Ice? The cover of the ball is transparent which obviously allows you to see the core (which is either lime, lemon, tangerine and raspberry in color). Sounds like a cool gimmick ball. I think I would at least try them, but I don't like the idea of using a color ball. Here is the press release about them:
Well this is the putter that I have in fact chosen to treat myself with this offseason, the Titleist by Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2. Unfortunately there are not many choices for a left handed golfer if you want to buy a Scotty Cameron. It has gotten better, but I can't believe that companies are still making products primarily for right handed golfers and then throwing some scraps to us lefties.
I agree with you Erik. I have never seen a putter (or a golf club in general) look as good as a Scotty Cameron. If people are willing to pay $300+ for a driver that they use only maybe 12-14 times a round then how much more so should you be willing to pay that for the single most important part of the game? Thanks for your insight. Now excuse me while I find my black jumpsuit and ski mask..... I have to pay a visit to the local bank.
This offseason the major golf purchase I want to make is to buy a new putter. And of course when thinking of putters everyone always starts with the Scotties. However, I was wondering if these putters are really worth the $100-$200 extra that they go for? Is the quality really that much better then the other name brand putters out there? Any information that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! The two putters that I've looked at so...
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