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I'm selling a barely used Adams Speedline f11 3 wood with an Matrix Ozik XCon shaft.   -Headcover included -Right Handed -Regular Flex shaft   Price- $170 shipped obo, to CONUS.      
He posted stiff, but shaft says regular??
I currently hit my persimmon, hickory shafted 3 wood about 330 average. Do yall think a newer stiff shaft will get me more distance? 
very highly doubt your swing speed is around 95 and you hit a 3 wood 300yds.
what course do you play at?
Ive read this a long time ago. Don't remember it fully, but from what i do remeber its mostly about controlling the swing with your left side/shoulder..... i think.
from what i saw in your second posting of videos, your first move from the top is an "attempt" at shifting your weight to your left side. Instead your only shifting your upper body & head, which is what you dont want. Really focus on keeping that head still which in turn will most likely keep the upper body still and focus more on moving the lower body when shifting your weight forward and not your upper body. After doing this, most likely it will help make that flip and...
custom fitted scratch ez-1's
cant imagine where you got the idea from 
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