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When you angle the player differently to change your aim direction, actually make the player move (i.e feet have to adjust and all) rather than the player just spinning on the ground.
I was just sharing myself, wasnt trying to rain on anyones parade.
you could just take that off, get water activated grip tape, and not worry about solvents :)
you hit them 20 yards further cause my 7 iron  is your 9 iron. Also a quarter inch longer shafts than average.. not to burst your bubble.
What it was for me was that i realized I didnt play how I practiced. I would play in to broad of a spectrum per se. To explain, when i practice i have extremely narrow aiming points. With my wedges and short irons i aim at a flag and expect it to be within a couple yards of that aim point, mid-long irons expect it to be with about 5-7 yds, and driver expect it to be within about 10-15 yards. If the shot doesnt meet that expectation on the range, i keep going untill i get...
lee westwood   -13
nope dont think it's a bad picture... ironically i foudn this on golf.com under the top 2011 drivers tested in the GI category.
look at the top of it.   http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/tigershark-golf-powerpod-ii-driver.html#
I wouldnt care if they were playing on a muni that cost 10$ to play on... Just getting to watch them hit their shots is more than enough for me :)    
This saturday im going to the SHO and im pretty pumped as it will be my first pga tournament to attend. Cant wait to get to watch the pros in person. Just wanted to share, is all 
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