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love my j33's.
I'll let someone use my clubs if i know they're capable of doing so with out damaging them... I'll also gladly try out someone elses if they ask, i never really ask too though. Also, having the negative thought that your going to mess up someones club when using it will usually lead to you doing it because your not focused on hitting well, but focused on not putting a mark on it. Swing it like its your regular club and everything will go smooth 
Has anyone bought/watched these instructional dvds, or know anything about this guys teachings? http://www.ajgolf.com/
Any last second people that want to join? Bracket editing will close tomorrow at noon tomorrow (varying upon time zone)
  ive seen in person 250 with a putter by some random guy at the range.
brought a 6 yeard old thread from the dead?
if you post the link, it will be much easier to tell you if it's legit or not.
I created a march madness pick 'em for anyone on the sandtrap that wants to join, all you have to have is a yahoo account or you can create one for free.   http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/register/joingroup      Group ID# 51308 password: augusta
  Looks fine to me
I use interlocking, tried overlap, it just never felt comfortable.
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