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Didnt laugh at that really.. ill give it ago.  
Never swing golf clubs in your living room, eventually your hands will get sweaty, and the club will make its disembarkment into the celing.  I atleast got it patched.    
I entered. Havn't gotten the yes or no yet though.
Or just picking it up nicely and just turning it over on its back so it cant move, finish putting, then turn it back over. ahahaha
03 F150
I can do letter C on occasions.. just saying.
200lb+ men walking on greens in golf cleats vs remote control car rubber tires... dont think the cars gonna do to much damage to the grass lol.
  way to quote  the first tee lol.
Tournament, just cause im competitive and like being in that envrioment.
Constantly shooting 80's or lower.
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