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NXT tour for me.
  It's just geometrically easier to transfer more energy into the ball from inside out. Think about it, can you produce more speed by swinging inside out with your body staying connected with your arms, or by having to throw your arms away from your body and swinging.
  You seriously ordered after reading all of the peoples post about not receiving it? Can only blame yourself if you don't get it..... It's like someone says something smells like crap, yet you smell it anyways to ensure they are correct. Good luck though 
Thanks ill try some swings in my living room with this. But in my defense I do have kind of bow legs :-)
Awesome thanks, if you ever come to houston for some random reason erik. Let me know, may find some money to pay you for lesson or two 
  i live in northwest houston,tx... I wouldnt say that I have all that much money to pay for lessons though :/
    This to create more width in my swing and im guessing shorten it? And should i also be focusing as well on still driving my hips forward more and mainting lag with all this as we discussed earlier or are those not priority right now?
ahhhhhhhhhh dono who to listen too! hahaha. Guess im going with erik on this one. To Erik- what would you say about the problem at the top of my swing as reb68 has been saying?
so be more like im sitting in chair pretty much and put my arms more out in front of me? Thanks!
(im guessing you combined my old thread?) Yes ive greatly noted how high my shaft comes in and it causes a lot of toe divots. But what exactly do you mean my arms hang inside my arms, and what exactly would be forward ankle flexion.?
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