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  Its already started, have a tourny tuesday actually... And posture didnt feel weird, but the grip did.
  Oh man, you just opened a can of somethin else on this forum haha. Be ready to reply and back up your thoughts.... Oh and thanks for the help in my swing thread by the way.
  Spoke a little to late, already tried implementing all the changes i have been advised (including yours) in the living room lol. But not confusing at all. The posture and grip was fairly easy, but when i did the top of my backswing thing, creating that 45* angle, it felt like a whole new swing (good feeling though, not bad feeling). I know you said it would take a long time to learn it, but i definatly already felt what you were talking about.
age 18, HC is to the left in my info box. Short term goal- Have one of the top 4 scores in all my golf tournys for highschool on our team. Long term- Play to scratch or lower.
So all in all what ive got from all y'alls help is that:   I need to keep my head back/still and keep driving my hips forward. And to maintain my lag which will straighten out my arm and keep me from compensating.   Is this correct?
  alright thanks erik.
  Exactly! (to the right of the ball if you were looking at it from the back)   And if your doing this drill with a driver, you might be better off using a shoe box for the drill as you still might be able to come ott with a driver and miss the headcover depending on the height of the tee.
Thanks to both for the picture and video postings.... And to the side tilt, every time i really feel like im keeping my head behind the ball and really moving my hips through, creating a side tilt. I always end up chunking it. Thoughts? thanks for the help again.
    Link to the video? And do you mean i should feel the stretch on my oblique once i start my downswing with my hips and start swinging through with my upper body?
take your driver headcover, and (for a right handed player) place it about an inch or two on the outside of the ball,take a normal swing, and from there just dont hit the headcover.If you hit it you know your coming ott. You can increase/decrese the distance the headcover away is from the ball for more or less difficulty obviously being if the headcover is closer it will be harder to come otp. Hope that all made since.   You can also do something along the lines hank...
New Posts  All Forums: