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Kinda like what someone said above me. I used to tell myself not to use my driver at all during a round, but of course my ego would get in the way and id eventually use it. So for about a month i forced myself to leave my driver at home and only use 3 wood or less off the tee and shot my best rounds doing that. Give it a whirl.
I dont think they have said where it will be hosted at, therefore probably no air date yet. but here's a video that gives you a little taste of what kind of talent will be on the show. http://www.thegolfchannel.com/golf-videos/big-break-2011-14931/?ref=26000&rsec=261
I wasn't trying to disregard his advise, i politley said thanks and that id try and it. And thanks a lot for your advise to, pictures are greatly appreciated. I do have the pbs so ill continue using that along with trying to keep the hips moving like you said. The problem i had also while looking at it is that i cant stop my head from moving forward when i move my hips forward. Any tips/ideas on this?
i dont slice a lot though. It only comes into at the end of my round really when im getting lazy and or tired. But ill try narrowing my stance a little and see how it goes thanks :)
no one at all???? guess i just have a great swing  hahah jk
1. Straight ball 2. Slice 3.Fixing laid off club that was making me come otp.   *edit- driver swing is now up
Please critique everyone. ( ill have the driver up in a few minutes)
I was watching the school of golf the came on yesterday and a few things sounded wrong and contradicted the new ball flight laws( or i believe so). First he said all slices are caused by an open club face. But with the new laws hasn't it been concluded the club face angle determines where the ball starts and swing path relative to target line determines spin? With that he said the way to correct a slice was to close the face earlier and just use a stronger grip, which...
man i have to give him props though, if it's what he was going for, he set up the perfect scam. He got a bunch of people to buy something and rave about, which encouraged a lot more people to purchase it, in which he steals their money and either ignores them or gives false shipment dates. Clever.............. that or he died, in which I'd feel bad for writing this.
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