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the new performance series glove does.
So it's good for it to be like that? or no meaning at all really?
Is this picture (the dirt line not on leading edge) a sign of flipping?
Just ordered a "very good" Cobra speed LD-f driver from them for 70 bucks with 2 day shipping. (used a coupon that got me like 10 bucks off)
If the contact of the ball/ball mark on the face of the iron is higher than the leading edge is that a sign of anything? i.e. flipping, shaft lean etc.  
  not having your weight shifted all the way to your right and/or swaying off the ball on the backswing.
Very Cool!
Not too too bad buttttttt. Your first move off the ball is breaking your wrist, you get incredibly unconnected with your arms, you lift your left foot off the ground which is a huge loss of power and coil (in my opinion), your downswing has minimal to none lower body movement besides you re-planting your left foot which is a big cause of why you flip through impact... Thats just what I saw after a couple quick views.
no one????  ?
Has anyone bought the videos and/or dvds? Would like to get some feedback on it. Looks like a pretty good teaching. But the videos are almost 90 bucks so it's kind of a plunge without hearing something about it.
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