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18.... Kinda funny that the people that were original posters on this thread are now two years older than when this thread was started.
I play them right now and they're great. I've hit mizunos as well, and like the person said above they are a little more clicky but doesnt bother me at all. And actually to me they were a little more forgiving than I expected. Great clubs.
you have a pm sir.
I find it funny when people associate a forged iron with skill level. They have nothing to do with each other, forged and cast is just how the club's made. 
No ones going to say anything because your supposed to be hitting a golf ball. Id recommend making a new video.
If only i had a quarter for each time one of these threads was made 
yes               .
A the target generally
Lately I have taking some pretty deep divots and get really low trajectory with my short irons and wedges. Which leads me beleiving I have a fairly steep plane. Well here's theproblem. When I try to fix it and try and get deep hands and get more of a turn around me rather than up and vertical, it makes for some nasty hooks.. any help here?
I have mine put on logo down so it doesnt mess with the alignment, cause if its slightly off it could mess you up.
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