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Has anyone tried or signed up for this?  Is this training method any good?  Comments is appreciated.   http://performaxgolf.com/bw/2012-valentines-day-sale/  
I'm not very good with my 4i and thinking to remove it from my bag to make room for another wedge. To cover the distance gap, I'm thinking to choke down 2 inches on my 3 hybrid. Has anyone here tried to choke down a 3 hybrid to replace a 4 iron with good success and accuracy? Many thanks
Anyone can help?  Thanks.
I am currently using 2009 Burner driver and loving it. However, I'm hearing a lot of good things about Burner Superfast 2,0. Just want to find out from those who have used both on how do you compare between the 2 drivers. The point is if the performance improvement is only marginal (say 5%), it just won't make sense for me to waste the money to buy a new drivers. Many thanks.
Anyone? No low handicapper using ping g15 iron set?
Sorry my bad. I did not make myself clear. I meant to say Ping G15 iron set. I'm not talking about drvers.
Just wonder any low handicapper out there using Ping G15? I would like to hear your view why you are using it. If you have used it before but have swapped it out of your bag, i would like to hear your view and the reason why you switch too. Thank.
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