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I have not been able to play for two weeks......  
I get about 180 - 190 from my 3 Hybrid and only 170-180 from my 5 wood, so I keep both in the bag, along with my 3 wood.  I have some duplication with my 5 wood and my 4 hybrid though.  Both are 170-180 yds. That is also the range of my 4 iron, so I change them out based upon the course I am playing.
I got some PURE grips last winter and they came with the compressor attachment.  So i purchased a small 3 LB air compressor.  When I had my Bio Cell irons reshafted, I did the grips...Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy......This was so easy.  I have also replaced other clubs with the PURE grips.  They are great with my irons and all that is needed to get the tacky back is to wipe them with a wet rag.
We got this!   Not only have we been the better goal scorer, but we also have the better goalie.......and Victor hedman is unstaoppable as a Defenseman.   Go Bolts!
8( at Bsbd Zaharias
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7P8mwWn-dY
Definitely go with the #4 Hybrid.........at 23* you can use it for approaches from 175 to 190 yds or you can use it to get out from under the trees.
My Fav alltime is the Supergroup, CSNY....although shortlived with Neil Young, their harmony was unsurpassed.   BTW, for my 64th birthday, I received the CSNY 1974 box set...3 CD's, 1 DVD & a book.  All the tracks are from their 1974 Tour.
CSNY1974 I got the box set for my Birthday(Dec 25).....so far it's terrific. They are my fav supergroup of all time.
What end of year sales? I see the same discounts today that were available last Spring.
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