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A 25 lb Turkey!
Thanks all for your sentiments.  Rainey was a great friend and was on top of his game lately...something all of us would like to be when it's our time.  Be safe and if you are experiencing issues like acid reflux, please consult your doctor.  It appears some of the heart attack warning signs can be misconstrued as acid reflux issues. Rainey had an appt scheduled for next week.
Took the day off to play at Babe Zaharias GC with the Tuesday Game.....hoping to get a round in with the rain....Not only did we have to cancel the game, but the guy who runs the Tuesday Game passed away last night. Rainey has been a great friend for the past 12 years....and he will surely be missed. Not only did he keep the books for the Tuesday game, but he was one of our officers for the Pebble Creek Golf Ass'n and instrumental in putting together the formula we use to...
47/50, 97 Saturday and 38/45 83 today on same course ....Pebble Creek GC Tampa
45/43, 88 on Saturday and 42/50, 92 on Sunday, both at Pebble Creek Golf Club in Tampa
I got a dozen of the MG C4 Tours......made by Master Grip (glove company)......it performs just like a Pro V1, but only costs $20/dozen......
Yesterday I shot 44/44,88 then today I shot 47/47,94.....both rounds at Pebble Creek GC in Tampa.
PGA Tour Radio - Fairways of Life with Matt Adams
Lately, I have experimented with alternatives........I really like the mg C4 from Master Grip @ $20/dozen.   I have also tried the Kick X Tour Z ball @ $40/doz.   Both are excellent balls with the Kick X stopping on the greens much quicker.   I have also played the Srixon Z star and Bridgestone B330RXS....these are also great performing golfballs, but at a higher price.   Next up, I will be trying the Gamer Tour.....played the Gamer a few years ago and liked...
I recently ordered the MG C4 , a urethane ball made by Master Grip, and for only $20/dozen performs just like a Pro V1.   I also ordered the Kick X Tour ball, also urethane cover.  It also performed like a Pro V1, but at $40/dozen.  It seems to have more bite though.   Been playing the Bridgestone B330x and Srixon Z star......both have adequate distance and a little bite around the green.
New Posts  All Forums: