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PGA Tour Radio - Fairways of Life with Matt Adams
Lately, I have experimented with alternatives........I really like the mg C4 from Master Grip @ $20/dozen.   I have also tried the Kick X Tour Z ball @ $40/doz.   Both are excellent balls with the Kick X stopping on the greens much quicker.   I have also played the Srixon Z star and Bridgestone B330RXS....these are also great performing golfballs, but at a higher price.   Next up, I will be trying the Gamer Tour.....played the Gamer a few years ago and liked...
I recently ordered the MG C4 , a urethane ball made by Master Grip, and for only $20/dozen performs just like a Pro V1.   I also ordered the Kick X Tour ball, also urethane cover.  It also performed like a Pro V1, but at $40/dozen.  It seems to have more bite though.   Been playing the Bridgestone B330x and Srixon Z star......both have adequate distance and a little bite around the green.
40/46, 86 yesterday at Quail Hollow Golf in Tampa
Played 5 times last week at Hilton Head.....shipyard twice, Port Royal twice(Planters Row & Barony) then finished at The Golden Bear.....scores were 86, 89, 90, 92 & 92 Enjoyed it so much I am acquiring a timeshare. Met a lady that has had a timeshare there for 19 years and is selling it to me for less than$500. We inspected it and found it to be very nice, just 4 blocks from the beach at Coligny. That means I'll be going back for years to come. It will be quite awhile...
44/40, 84 at Shipyard in Hilton Head.
46/45,92 at Port Royal Barony course at Hilton Head.
PGA Tour Radio on Sirius/XM Radio
44/43, 87 at Babe Zagarias in Tampa. Got a Birdie on #1(we started on 10) worth $30
43/48,91 at Crescent Oaks Golf Club in Tarpon Springs, FL.......was playing well, until the 12-15 holes where I ran out of gas, fighting 95+ degree heat and a delinquent bev cart.
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