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Two Nike golf caps ( 1 White & 1 Blue) at the University of Kentucky courses in Lexington, KY.....cost = $43
41/48=89 at Pebble Creek GC in Tampa......just couldn't keep it together on the back.
I agree.....when I catch myself pulling the driver left, I slow down the take away and it seems to straighten out.
I got 2 two valley sample sleeves from Dick's a few weeks ago and have played several rounds with them.....I got the SR2..... Good distance off the drive, nice soft landing on the greens. If I did not already have a sh$@ load of golf balls waiting to be used, I might switch and buy some.
Yesterday, 44/44 =88 with a Srixon Z Star Today, 44/43=87 with a Titleist Velocity Both rounds at my club, Pebble Creek GC in Tampa, FL Keep finding myself making some dumb decisions or execution errors.
Guess I should move them up to the head of the line this week....
  Actually, I got 3 dozen a few years ago. My cost was $19.95 for shipping & handling....I got three different types.....and liked the softer ones best.  The others hit like Pinnacles, so not bad. Not the ball I choose to use, but great for my grandsons who were just starting out.
Just finished True Detective.......Wow, was this intense. Woody & Mathew were awesome.
Watched "Tyrant" pilot episode........this is a look into a culture that is not American, but interesting. Anyone else catch it?
This is the first set of irons I have had in 10 years where I can hit the 4 iron 175 yes with confidence
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