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Guess I should move them up to the head of the line this week....
  Actually, I got 3 dozen a few years ago. My cost was $19.95 for shipping & handling....I got three different types.....and liked the softer ones best.  The others hit like Pinnacles, so not bad. Not the ball I choose to use, but great for my grandsons who were just starting out.
Just finished True Detective.......Wow, was this intense. Woody & Mathew were awesome.
Watched "Tyrant" pilot episode........this is a look into a culture that is not American, but interesting. Anyone else catch it?
This is the first set of irons I have had in 10 years where I can hit the 4 iron 175 yes with confidence
I have gamed the Cobra Bio Cell irons for three months now.....bottom line....they are awesome! I have them in Blue with Blue grip and Dynalite 85 Stiff steel shafts.....Yes that's right...I said Stiff. For some reason, I hit the stiff better than the regular shafts. Been playing regular graphite for 15 years and now I am hitting stiff steel!
So did I.....got the last 3 doz in last years packaging just before the new boxes came out....$15/doz plus buy two get one so I got 3 doz for $30!However, I am behind on my golf balls and have not yet played them. Plan on using them this summer. Been gaming e6; B330RXS; U4x.
2014 Buddy Trip in Kissiimee with 24 guys. Remington GC: 91 Kissimee Bay GC: 90 Remington GC: 87 Remington GC: 91
87 at Remington Golf Club in Kissimee, FL I have a 24 man Buddy Trip that was 2 Courses, 4 Days, 6 Rounds & 24 guys. The rain dampened some of our play, but otherwise very successful trip.
43/46=89 at Pebble Creek
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