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44/43, 87 at Babe Zagarias in Tampa. Got a Birdie on #1(we started on 10) worth $30
43/48,91 at Crescent Oaks Golf Club in Tarpon Springs, FL.......was playing well, until the 12-15 holes where I ran out of gas, fighting 95+ degree heat and a delinquent bev cart.
46/40, 86.......shooting for 16 points, got 23, so +7 won first place $128.....Birdie on a Par 3 & Par 5 on the back nine.   Played my home course, Pebble Creek in Tampa.
Gotta be my Wilson "Original R90" sand wedge.  I won it in the 1980's in a tournament and it is still in my bag.  I took it out for about 10 years, but put it back in two months ago.
Just listening on my ipad to the PGA App........they were saying that there is definitely a difference how they mow the fairways.... At August they mow them Green to Tee whereas for the PGA, they mowed them Tee to Green. This most definitely will have an effect on play.
Horrible round at Babe Zaharias in Tampa....shot a 44/47,91
A Horrible 95.....just could not get my mind into the game
41/43=84 at Babe Zaharias Golf Club in Tampa.......had a Birdie on #11.
At Pebble Creek FC in Tsmpa.... Sat: 44/48=92 Sun: 41/48=89 Just can't seem to keep it together on the back nine.
Two Nike golf caps ( 1 White & 1 Blue) at the University of Kentucky courses in Lexington, KY.....cost = $43
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