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2014 Buddy Trip in Kissiimee with 24 guys. Remington GC: 91 Kissimee Bay GC: 90 Remington GC: 87 Remington GC: 91
87 at Remington Golf Club in Kissimee, FL I have a 24 man Buddy Trip that was 2 Courses, 4 Days, 6 Rounds & 24 guys. The rain dampened some of our play, but otherwise very successful trip.
43/46=89 at Pebble Creek
44/44 =88 at Pebble Creek in Tampa We had a 4 man best ball today.......
When they are $48/dozen a free two ball sleeve is something ....$8 at least.
Went to Dick's and got a free 2 ball sleeve of Callaway SR2 balls.
I shot a 38/45 83 at Pebble Creek yesterday. Only 1 Birdie, 7 Pars 7 Bogies and 4 doubles.
Had a $10 off $25  for the new Dick's store opening in Tampa.....coupon was good thru 4/28....stopped by the store on 4/29 and they allowed the coupon.....got 2 Bionic gloves ($17/ea).
44/44 = 88 at Pebble a Creek in Tampa
I heard that the debt was purchased by Ace Golf, who also owns Pebble Creek, Wentworth and Crescent Oaks. If they miss one payment, the course goes to Ace.
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