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When they are $48/dozen a free two ball sleeve is something ....$8 at least.
Went to Dick's and got a free 2 ball sleeve of Callaway SR2 balls.
I shot a 38/45 83 at Pebble Creek yesterday. Only 1 Birdie, 7 Pars 7 Bogies and 4 doubles.
Had a $10 off $25  for the new Dick's store opening in Tampa.....coupon was good thru 4/28....stopped by the store on 4/29 and they allowed the coupon.....got 2 Bionic gloves ($17/ea).
44/44 = 88 at Pebble a Creek in Tampa
I heard that the debt was purchased by Ace Golf, who also owns Pebble Creek, Wentworth and Crescent Oaks. If they miss one payment, the course goes to Ace.
I was playing the e6, then got a couple dozen B330RX and B330RXS to try. With a SS in the mid 90's, I was stretching it a bit on their online fitting tool to get them. Anyway, the RX stays in the fairway better, but the RXS can be worked more and is better around the green......only bad thing about them is their price.😟
Currently Streaming The Golf Channel on my IPad while at work.......It's Masters week!
Rory McIroy -12   Jason Spieth -8   Phil Mickelson -10
88 today second day if Two Day tourney....tied for 3rd place out of 35 players
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