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Great point Billy Z, When I was a 10 Hcp, it made a lot of difference. Now 15 yrs after my wrist injury, I am a 15 to 19 Hcp so I a more concerned about hitting the green or getting close so I can run a pitch shot, or playing a high Flop over a bunker. I mostly use low comp balls that reduce the driver spin and get me more distance.
Thanks flops tear, I have not yet tried the U6 or the U3 yet..........but I will!
Gods point k-troop, as a Titleist ball tester, I get a sleeve to test every October. It seems that they do change the design a bit every year, but they alternate years with the NXT & DT Solo one year then the ProV1 & ProV1x the next.
The RZN's will go great with my Covert Driver and 3 wood...even my Nike Method Drone putter.
At the Edwin watts going out of business store in Tampa,  I picked up 4 Bionic Golf Gloves, total cost was $51.  At $25 each normally, that's a good buy.   I use them as my arthritic fingers need the help. The leather is thicker and the pads keep me from having to squeeze tighter.
Congrats teamroper60!   fairways & greens to ya!
If you have a Dick's close by, you may want to try the Maxfli line of golfballs.  The U2/U3/U4/U6 line are all urethane covers for good touch around the greens.......and, speaking of green, they usually put them on sale.  I have gotten the U2's for $10/doz and the U4x's for $20/doz.  Just recently they had the U3's for $15/dozen.   At those prices they are an exceptional deal!
Been gaming the Bridgestone e6 and Maxfli U4x's   Just got a dozen each of the Bridgestone B330RX & RXS.........they are definitely a terrific ball for one with a slower swing speed ....like me. Not sure if I'll continue with them as they are $45/dozen.
I just finished the first 2 Seasons of "Hell On Wheels"..........awesome presentation of the battle to build the Railroad across the West.   It is available on Netflix..
Seals & Crofts on Sirius Radio.....  
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