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Try the Gamer V2....I got a 15 ball pack @ Golfsmith last month and played them during a 4 day 22 man golf outing in Sebring....2 rounds per day....I won enough money to pay for my trip. Shooting in the mid 80's now.....and they respond around the greens!
I live in Florida and play year round....the Golf Pride New Decades have cord on half the grip.....they work well when it's humid or wet.
I wash mine with warm water & mild soap....this usually brings back the tackiness. The Golf Pride New Decade is a two compound grip....corded rubber on the lower & soft rubber on the upper......seems to work well when it is wet.
Went to Dick's today to get one for my Driver, as I have a scramble tomorrow. But they have not received the new Tour Wrap 2G's yet....settled on the white new decade midsaize.
Just put a white golf pride new decade grip on my driver. I got a midsize as I have arthritis in my fingers. The factory grip was fine (only three months old) but I thought the midsize may help....and I played in the rain Friday and didn't get good grip on the driver.
I have an '08 Mazda MX-5 PRHT Red...... I had a '93 RX-7 365 HP Vintage Red for 9 yrs....sold it for double book value to a guy in Norway. I had a '93 MX-3 Black; '04 RX-8 stock Black & Red; 91 MX-5 Red; '90 RX-7 White & '06 MX-5 Black & Tan
But only one was worth mentioning.......as a Kentucky Fan, Patrick Patterson was the only one who went more than one year....he went three and Graduated!...the rest were just using UK to get to the NBA. I can't get excited over somebody that was only there less than a year!
Hey delav, I just read this article in an old Golf magazine (October 2007) and thought it may be for you. http://www.golf.com/golf/instruction...652866,00.html I sent it t a friend who is a Lefty and was having problems pushing off from the backswing due to plantar fascia in his left foot. He tried it last week and said it not only helped relieve the pain, but also helped his swing.
So when you decide which grip you like the best, just re-grip the two clubs that had the other grip.
I played TPC Tampa Bay yesterday. Shot a 97!....when you got away from the fairway, the rough was horrific! I started out Par, Par, then all went downhill. For some reason, I was pulling to the left......this made for a forgettable round. The course is in terrific shape.......greens were off the meter!
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