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Go get'em J.D.!
Played at River Hills Country Club in Valrico, FL Got a white Titleist golf cap with River Hills logo on one side and Florida golf Trail logo on the other.. price was right $20......needed a new white cap.
Went to Dick's and regripped my Driver with a Midsize Golf Pride New Decade.... http://www.golfpride.com/Grips/Defau...p=newdecademc#
March 21 April 20.3 May 15.2 June 14.4 July 14.3 Going Down!
He was a real Yankee Doodle Dandy, George Steinbrenner, dead at age 80. He was born on July 4th, 1930 A visionary of a man, with a heart of gold.
Don't you know that Tennessee is in Taiwan?
I shot a 46/43 for an 89 in the morning; then shot a 44/44 for an 88 in the afternoon at my home course...Pebble Creek in Tampa.
Try the Wilson Staff FG's.....I hit them at the PGA Tour show in Orlando......amazing playability!
You can probably find a used set of Cobra Pro CB's.....at a Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, etc. They came out in 2008, so there are some out there.
Either #1 or #2 Every hole is a gome, with a target. Even though i didn't play well on the previous 16 holes, I still strive for the best I can do on the last two holes.
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