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So when you decide which grip you like the best, just re-grip the two clubs that had the other grip.
I played TPC Tampa Bay yesterday. Shot a 97!....when you got away from the fairway, the rough was horrific! I started out Par, Par, then all went downhill. For some reason, I was pulling to the left......this made for a forgettable round. The course is in terrific shape.......greens were off the meter!
I have played the Maxfli Tour LC.....sure they are pricey, but I got them on sale at 39.99/doz, had a $3 off coupon, had a $10 off any $50 purchase, had a $20 off Dick's Rewards check, and when you bought one dozen, they gave you 1/2 dozen free. I bought two dozen, so I got 3 dozen for $34. Comes out to under $1 per ball....... As for playing them, I usually use Callaway Tour iX & Pro V1x.....the Maxfli was just as long, would drop & stop on the greens and had a...
You gotta be kidding.................never heard of them.....
Chris Berman is the absolute worst golf announcer.........trying to give the players "names", etc.
June 19th, I shot a 91and an 86 at Pebble Creek in Tampa. Then on Sunday, June 20th, I shot a 88.
Sold! $400
What color?
No it's not......I have used the Air Force One nitrogen charged driver for 3 months; along with the Air Force One Air Foil nitrogen charged irons.....My distance is longer and my handicap has dropped from 21 to 14.....These clubs are deadly accurate and longer than my previous Callaways & Cobras. Thanks Powerbilt!
But where do your golf clubs go????? All I see are seats...
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