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He was a real Yankee Doodle Dandy, George Steinbrenner, dead at age 80. He was born on July 4th, 1930 A visionary of a man, with a heart of gold.
Don't you know that Tennessee is in Taiwan?
I shot a 46/43 for an 89 in the morning; then shot a 44/44 for an 88 in the afternoon at my home course...Pebble Creek in Tampa.
Try the Wilson Staff FG's.....I hit them at the PGA Tour show in Orlando......amazing playability!
You can probably find a used set of Cobra Pro CB's.....at a Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, etc. They came out in 2008, so there are some out there.
Either #1 or #2 Every hole is a gome, with a target. Even though i didn't play well on the previous 16 holes, I still strive for the best I can do on the last two holes.
I started caddying for my grandfather at age 8. I had to pull his Bagboy cart up and down Juniper Hills in Kentucky. I caddied as much as I could, earning enough $$ at $1.50 a round. At 10, I got my first set of cleats (can still hear the clickety clack walking around the clubhouse at Juniper Hills). Played through my 20's & posted a 10 handicap in my 30's while living in North Louisiana. At age 48, I shattered my left wrist. Dr said really bad, when he put me back...
Here's my take: 1.Wilson Staff Di9 2.Callaway Diablo Edge 3.Cobra S2 Forged 4.Nike VR Forged TW Blade Each set was designed for a certain level of play......
Thanks uttexas, I've been researching grips lately as well..... I have arthitis and a Cadet medium grip.....I play in Florida year round..... I have the golf pride New Decade std grip on several clubs, but recently changed my driver to the golf pride New Decade Midsize grip.....looks funny, but seems to work well. I also have chosen the Lamkin Performance Plus with 3Gen Midsize as a viable alternative. My irons are only 3 months old, but am going to try the Lamkins on...
I am a golf clubaholic..........I know, because my wife said so! I also have a small collection of shipping boxes for clubs that I have won on ebay. I ship them to my office so she won't know. I figure there are a lot of "worse" things out there I could be doing but don't.
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