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Too cheap to buy a pair in your Pro shop?
I am currently using the stock Powerbilt Air Foil Nitrogen filled PW 45* 105 yds; Cavity Back AW 50* 75-85 yds and Cavity Back SW 55* 65 yds. https://www.powerbilt.com/cart/index.../irons-n7.html They seem to be working fine as I have plummeted from a 21 Hcap In March to a 14. the Nitrogen filled irons allow for a thinner clubface that yields more trampoline effect for my slower 87 mph swing speed.....and this weekend I shot a 41/35 = 76 on my home course (Par 71) @...
Since you said you got Mizuno MP57's, I hope you had them re-gripped. Your grip is most important.......make sure you get the correct size and grip. I just changed from 3 month old stock grips on my Powerbilt irons to Midsize GP Tour Wrap's...I'm a 14 handicap and shot a 76 on a Par 71.....41/35 = 76. The larger midsize grip really felt good on my Cadet Medium sized hands.....especially since I suffer from mild arthitis in my fingers. The softer Tour Wrap absorbs...
I have a Cadet Medium glove size, but also suffer from mild Arthritis in my fingers. http://www.golfpride.com/Grips/Defau...&grip=tourwrap I chose to go with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize......they are traditional black, feel slightly soft, so they will absorb more ground shock, yet are tacki and handle the extra moisture from sweat and/or rain well. The results are this: After switching my irons on Friday night to the Tour Wrap Midsize, I shot a 90 on...
Here are the Gamer's specs.....directly from Top Flite.... Gamer V2’s features: 3–Piece Construction – Total performance from tee to green. Soft, Thin Ionomer Cover – Provides Tour-like spin and control around the greens. Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics – The award-winning proprietary design uses a unique surface to maintain spin longer throughout flight, allowing the Gamer V2 to hold its line and maintain lift longer without ballooning. Lesser balls lose spin at...
I put the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize on my irons Friday night, then on saturday shot a 90, followed by a 76. My best ever at Pebble Creek in Tampa. http://www.golfpride.com/Grips/Defau...&grip=tourwrap It took awhile to get used to the grips, but they feel great.....gonna do my Driver, 3 wood & hybrid 2 & 3 today.
Golf Pride Midsize Tour Wrap 2G for my irons......then shot a 76 at my home course Pebble Creek in tampa on Saturday. I like the grips!
I shot a 90 this morning, then I shot a 76 this aftern00n.......the same course! This is my best ever since moving to Florida in 1987. 41/35 = 76 Even Par on the Back nine....started out with a double bogey on 10, then 2 Birdies back to back, followed later by a 3rd Birdie. The guys I played with said I had a Reverse McIroy!
Go get'em J.D.!
Played at River Hills Country Club in Valrico, FL Got a white Titleist golf cap with River Hills logo on one side and Florida golf Trail logo on the other.. price was right $20......needed a new white cap.
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