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I run a golf game every Saturday year round in Tampa. It's an 8:00 shotgun start, so we normally finish about 12:30....before the heat of the day. Then, some of us go back out for another round.....
Don't carry a 5 or 7 wood. I'd probably hit my 17* 2 Hybrid.....it's usually 195-205. My 3 hybrid is 175-185 and my 4 iron is 165-170
No, but I slipped on a rock while crossing the ditch to the first hole....fell flat on my back, pinched a nreve in my right shoulder. I could not lift my right arm without significant pain....ended up not playing golf for 3 months. It was horrible!
Back to the original point .......The Top Flite Gamer V2 I got 2 1/2 dozen with some Golfsmith gift Cards......they were in a 15 ball package. I normally use Callaway Tour ix or Pro V1x......but gotta say this ball performed admirably. Good distance off the tee, good control on my approach shots, ball would drop & stop on the greens and responded well to my putter. My handicap is currently 14......down from a 21 just a couple months ago. This is a great value,...
Shot a 90 at Rogers Park in Tampa. Course was in terrific shape....great greens. Played for $10 with some of my golf buddies. Chipped in from 15 yards off the green for a Birdie.........and putted in from 2 feet off green for a Par....Lost 3 balls....that's what hurt my score......3 penalties.....Yikes!
Just switched to Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G's Midsize due slight arthritis in my fingers.....shot a 41/35 = 76.....best since moving to Florida in 1987.
Other: Powerbilt AFO Hollow Nitrogen charged.......handicap has dropped from 21 to 14. Played Powerbilt Citations for 20 yrs, Nicklaus Muirfields for 20 yrs, Nicklaus CGX, Adams A2OS & Callaway Fusions. Doubt i will change again anytime soon. Thanks Powerbilt!
I switched from Pro V1x to Callaway Tour ix two years ago...Now I'm playing the new Maxfli Tour LC.....urethane cover for slower swing speeds (mine is 87 mph) seems to respond better than Titleist & Callaway.....and about the same cost.
I used various Cobra drivers for years, until i got the new Powerbilt Air Force One nitrogen charged driver. Cobra L5V......average 195 -205 yds Powerbilt AFO...average 205-251 yds puts me 1 to 2 clubs closer to the green which is why my handicap has plummeted from 21 to 14. Thanks Powerbilt!
At address, turn your body and feet about 45 degree angle to your line, or towards the green. This puts the ball just off your right foot. Choke up on your SW, and use a putting stroke, or a modified putting stroke (taking the club back to a parallel line from the ground) and stroke down on the ball with a short follow through. Your right arm (elbow to shoulder) should never leave your right side during the backswing thru the follow thru. Your left wrist should not...
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