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DITTO!......could not have said it any better.
Yeah, like Corporate Logos........cause they are easy to ID on the course so you don't have to mark your ball. they sent me new balls with no corporate logos.
I ordered a couple dozen Callaway Tour iX's last year from www.golfballs.com they said they were overruns......but when I got them, they were new balls without logos.....Thanks golfballs.com.
what uttexas said earlier..........Miura's
I hit my drive on a Par 3, 124 yd hole in Sebring, FL last Satiurday, when one of my scramble partners starts yelling "it's going in!"......well it did not go in, but my divot was 2 feet directly in front of the pin and my ball came to rest 6 inches above the hole on the opposite side.
On a 4 day, 22 man golf trip to Spring Lake Resort in Sebring, FL: June 3rd Panther Course, 6,463 yds I shot a 92, with 1 birdie June 4th Cougar Coaurse, 6,217 yds I shot a 94 June 5th Panther Course, 6,463 yds I shot a 91 June 6th Panther course, 6,463 yds, I shot a 82, with 1 birdie
I shat a 92......42 on the front & 50 on the back.....total collapse of my swing......pulling everything left.
Ditto Zeg......I was driving 195-210 with a Cobra L5V.......but now I use the Powerbilt Air Force One Nitrogen charged driver. I am getting 205 - 251yds, averaging around 215-220. Makes a big difference for your second shot.
I got some about 6 weeks ago..........hitting them terrific!
84 Saturday then a 90 on Sunday.........Got the jitters Sunday......been on Prdnisone for my allergies for several days and couldn't steady myself over a 15" putt for a sandy on the par 3.
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