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Currently Streaming The Golf Channel on my IPad while at work.......It's Masters week!
Rory McIroy -12   Jason Spieth -8   Phil Mickelson -10
88 today second day if Two Day tourney....tied for 3rd place out of 35 players
90 at first round of Pebble Creek GC Spring Two Day Blitz.....tied for 5th out of 34 players
Maxfli U's Bridgestone B330RX Titleist NXT Tour S
Shot 89 at Pebble Creek in Tampa
I'll stay with the Maxfli series as they all have Urethane covers and the prices are awesome....way to go Dick's
Great review Lucius, It will help me when I go ball shopping. I must say that having a Urethane cover is a plus for me.
Not me......we have 40 players each week, then about 20 hang around in the Pub or on the Veranda, drinking, watching sports on the big tv's and just socializing. Great bunch of guys!
That is sad.......I got a sleeve from TMade and I haven't had a chance to try them yet and they are already obsolete! On another note, Callaway quit making the HX Hot ball a couple years ago yet Golfsmith is still selling them for 2doz/$35 When will they run out?
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