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Gods point k-troop, as a Titleist ball tester, I get a sleeve to test every October. It seems that they do change the design a bit every year, but they alternate years with the NXT & DT Solo one year then the ProV1 & ProV1x the next.
The RZN's will go great with my Covert Driver and 3 wood...even my Nike Method Drone putter.
At the Edwin watts going out of business store in Tampa,  I picked up 4 Bionic Golf Gloves, total cost was $51.  At $25 each normally, that's a good buy.   I use them as my arthritic fingers need the help. The leather is thicker and the pads keep me from having to squeeze tighter.
Congrats teamroper60!   fairways & greens to ya!
If you have a Dick's close by, you may want to try the Maxfli line of golfballs.  The U2/U3/U4/U6 line are all urethane covers for good touch around the greens.......and, speaking of green, they usually put them on sale.  I have gotten the U2's for $10/doz and the U4x's for $20/doz.  Just recently they had the U3's for $15/dozen.   At those prices they are an exceptional deal!
Been gaming the Bridgestone e6 and Maxfli U4x's   Just got a dozen each of the Bridgestone B330RX & RXS.........they are definitely a terrific ball for one with a slower swing speed ....like me. Not sure if I'll continue with them as they are $45/dozen.
I just finished the first 2 Seasons of "Hell On Wheels"..........awesome presentation of the battle to build the Railroad across the West.   It is available on Netflix..
Seals & Crofts on Sirius Radio.....  
Got mine yesterday.......my wife said "now what did you buy?"
If you're going to play in the PGA, then you must know the Rules of Golf. If you do, then use em to your advantage.
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