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That is sad.......I got a sleeve from TMade and I haven't had a chance to try them yet and they are already obsolete! On another note, Callaway quit making the HX Hot ball a couple years ago yet Golfsmith is still selling them for 2doz/$35 When will they run out?
No, nope, nada
If you are serious, I have a set of Mizuno JPX HD irons with regular shaft that I will sell for $300 + shipping. I have only played them 4 times. Willing to sell because I won a new set of Cobra Bio Cells. P! Me if you are interested....
Phil Mickelson......-6 Jordan Spieth ......-4 Rory McIlroy......-7
You can ship them to me in FL.......I just finished a review of Bridgestones
I found one last week.....looks like a one hit wonder....no marks on it.  Will probably try it out soon. You are right smebiker, at $19/dozen they will be a terrific deal.
Looks like there were 7.
Hey Joe,   Don't look at the scorecard, just record your score for each hole and move forward.  The worst enemy of every golfer is the 6 inches between his ears.
Thanks guys, I'll pass on the info to my Saturday League (80 members), cause our greens get a bit soggy in the rainy season.
Been busy with other reviews......will give them a try soon
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