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Nike Covert Driver set to 12.5* Nike Covert 3W Nike VR Pro 3H Nike VR Pro 4H Nike VR Pro 4 iron Nike Covert 5H Nike VR Pro Cavity Back 6-PW Nike VR Pro Cavity Back AW & SW Nike Method Core Drone 33"
I thought about going to the four, but have settled on the following: Nike Covert 13* 3 W reg......190-200 Nike VR Pro 21* 3H 175- 185 Nike VRPro 24* 4H 165 - 175 Nike Covert 26* 5H 158 - 165 So I am going without the 5W, as I can really be more accurate with the Hybrids.
HORRIBLE!........92 at Pebble Creek GC inTampa
Nike Covert 5H 26*......slightly used at golfsmith for $75....(msrp $180) I replaced my 5 iron with this jewel.......
I also have a pair of the FJ Sports. They are okay, I really like the Nike TW13's
Hey MitsuEd, Do you have any issues slipping?
I guess the spineless will be okay, as lobg as you are aware and are careful on sloes.
They are great, if you are playing in the afternoon. I have a pair of Ecco streets and they are very comfortable. However, I usually play at 8 AM on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes on Tuesday. In FL, the ground us always wet from the dew, so the spineless shoes will slip. So I guess it depends on your region. If you don't have to del with morning dew, then you'll be okay. Otherwise, stick with spikes.
Saturday, shot a 95 at Pebble Creek in Tampa.....very wet & sloppy due to rain every day for the past 3 weeks. Sunday, shot an 83 at Silverado in Zephyrhills....course was much drier.....didn't land in a bunker all day. Tuesday, shot an 83 at Babe Zaharias in Tampa....again, never landed in a bunker all day.
Yesterday at Pebble Creek in Tampa.....95...ugh! Just horrible.   Today at Silverado in Zephyrhills.......83.....I was hitting the ball...11/13 Fairways......6 GIRs.
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