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48 on the front nine at Remington Golf Club in Kissimmee and 44 on the front nine at Kissimmee Bay Golf Club just 1 mile away.  We were testing both courses as we have a Buddy Trip scheduled for mid June......24 golfers.  Courses were very different, one open with water and the other lined with Oak Trees.
Shot an 89 at the Babe Zaharias GC in Tampa
My Fav has got to be "TREME" on HBO, now in it's 4rth season.
Listening to The Beatles "Srtawberry Fields"
Jason, If you are considering the AP2's, then I urge you to try the Mizuno JPX 825's.  You may not realize it, but they have a beveled leading edge which helps to prevent "digging in".....If I had not not just purchased the JPX 800 HD's, I would be gaming the 825's for sure.
Mizuno JPX-800 HD Combo's   #4 & #5 FLIHI w/Dynalite Gold XP shafts #6-GW irons w/Dynalite Gold XP shafts   Brand spankin' new! Off ebay from Budget Golf.
90 with one birdie & six bogeys
I just picked up a new JPX 800 HD set in an ebay auction last night......$247 for the set 4H, 5H & 6-PW with Dynalite XP shafts.   Anybody in The Sand Trap using these?   My intention is to use their New condition (never Used)...and trade them in at Golfsmith towards the JPX 825's.  I checked & the trade in value is about the same as what I just paid.
Babe Zaharias GC in Tampa.......Seniors tournament called The Two Joes, commemorating two past golfers.   I shot a 42/44 = 86 with one Birdie for 23 points. My average was 21 points so I was +2   The winner was +10 with + 6 second.   Weather was fabulous (low 80's).   Great time was had by all..........7 of us split 13 pitchers afterwards.
Pebble Creek GC in Tampa Shot a 45/46 91 with 4 penalties.
New Posts  All Forums: