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here is a picture of my 7. in the past the fake grass would cover the bottum of the club front to back. but after countless shots this is all the mat that shows.
howdy all, here we go. I have been range ratting for solid week, practicing the proper grip I learned on this site and taking my club over on the back swing and under on the down swing. I have been doing ok but my distance was not right, my 7 iron has been going 130 to 135 all my clubs where off prob. 15 to 20 yards. but let me say I have been consistent straight. today after hitting some thin shots I got frustrated and set up to the ball and took a pissed off swing...
ok ok, I tried the grip today, it worked great. I hit 250 balls, my first I would say 50 balls was just to get adjusted to the new grip. one thing about the grip MVMAC posted is that it puts you in a very powerful feeling at setup. now for my answer to the question about grip and over the top. with my old grip I had a vary hard time turning around my right hip, with the old grip I was always on my toes. today after 75 balls I started to hit left hooks. and was having...
hmmm. thanks for that link mvmac, my grip is no where close to that. before this year the club would go from my pointer finger tip and the under the thumb heel pad, then my right hand would go over almost my left pointer finger. this year I moved the club closer to my fingers and noticed better face contact but still not like what I just looked at. I will be trying it Friday. thanks, Tom
say I have a weak grip on the club with my left hand (righty golfer) and I put my right hand on top of the shaft almost cover the left hand, do you think it would cause me to come over the top?
callaway super soft.
2.0 on my putter. now the stock size grips don't feel right. It took some getting use to but now I can't put it down. I like how my hands feel closer together. my ball roll has improved.
I have had and still have a very bad habit of coming over the top. I started working with a new pro this year and he has helped using keep the club head infront of my hands and handle in then flattening the club on the down swing. he has also got me in a better posture. after a lot of good practice and one ok round, today I went to the range using the methods I learned and boom. over the top is back and I can not controll it. for some reason my back shoulder (right)...
A must play in OC is Eagles landing its allways in great shape and has some really neat holes. more then 50. but well worth it.
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