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mvmacyou are correct I was hitting the board more towards the toe of the club, thanks for catching that.during the fitting we worked the line on the bottum of the club from the toe to close to center.
help me understand, I really need your help.2 years ago when I was fitted there was tape that went on the bottom of the club and I hit balls off a plexiglass flat. the results of the tape If I can remember correctly was at the heal of the club, at this point the fitter changed the club so the tape showed more center contact on the board. so I was fitted for a more upright iron. this part of the fitting kind of sits suspect in the back of my mind, why? because since this...
fittings take place on a level surface, but on a golf course I never have a level surface. so how does a custom fitting help me on course. if I'm fitted to a ping g20 maroon dot seven iron for lie off a mat on a driving range, how does that lie angle work on the golf course where the ground is plus or minus what the fitting mat is. if I hit my maroon dot irons from a slightly up hill or down hill lie what would the ball do? wouldn't make more sense to buy the neutral...
I currently game G20 irons, today while at GG I tried the G30 7 iron, I was impressed by how I could work the G30, The g30 felt great and to my eye looked smaller then the g20. if anyone has gone from the g20 to the 30. how did you like the change. what have noticed most about the switch? thanks Tom
if I get jerky will they help?
I'm asking about the rubber thing on top of the putter :) why was the pistol grip invented? was it for a certain type of grip? why are fat grips popular? round grips?
funny. they are just jealous. I have to drive clients past a course daily, and the golfing ones always comment or shout something out the window.
your not missing much I'm sure you could youtube it. I like it. it is a nice change from the golf channel. some funny and entertaining stuff on back 9. it's more entertaining and fun then the golf channel but they have no content. it's repete repete repete. not in hd. Rashd's show is pretty entertaining. but it keeps being replayed. maybe in a year it could be better.
take your fixes to the course late in the day and test them. play three ball. it's better then the range.
ok after some practice and a useless lesson ( we figured out that I'm blind as a bat 😃. and had a hard time helping me get through the ball) here is what I did today. 22 putts on the front. 17 on the back. so far what I found practicing is that if I use my right arm more I can roll the ball with more controll and better face contact I can get the putter through the stroke and not jab. (note I'm natural left handed playing righty.) front 9 armed with confidence, I 2...
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