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many times I have been at dicks and the staff in the golf department never seemed interested in helping customers. the only reason I would got to dicks for any golf stuff would be for shoes, they have a hudge selection of golf shoes, and I'm sure you don't need a PGA pro to tell someone how the shoe goes on their foot. I goto GG in the winter to try clubs on their hitting monitor just so I can swing, sometimes I pay for the fitting just for more time on the monitor....
I thought dicks owned GG? if that is the case maybe they don't want their sporting goods store competing with their golf franchise?
how did the rest of the lesson go? lol
what is medal play?
hijacking my own thread, can I decide what holes I want strokes on after the round? also so I understand if I'm a 20 hc and the guy I'm playing is a 1hc. that should be that I get 19 stokes? if so would it work for me to start the round 19 under vs the 1hc?
I still have my TE 7 wood in my bag, I use it as a 4 iron, wedge, driver. It plays great from long rough, water, sand, fairways. got my first eagle with it, almost had a hole in one with it, ( ball rolled up out of the hole), got my 2nd eagle with it. this little 7 has put me close to the pin many times. I believe when Tour Edge designed this club they where thinking utility.
when somebody ask's what you scored during your round, or even when you post your score to this site, do you answer with your gross or net score? am I robbing myself telling everybody I shot a 90? 69 sounds much better :)
didn't change course, your on track, fib not at all. I respect your opinion. is a bad tee shot carelessness? or is it bad luck? I would imagine any golfer would be trying to avoid hurting someone in a gallery. I don't think tiger is careless when he hits a bad shot. isn't careless more defined by throwing your club because of anger into a gallery?
so me saying imagine what tiger would do sets you off ? so I guess you already know it would be a negative action? that is why your on the defense? just asking. I guess you carry tigers bag?why would would even have to defend tiger?I was thinking if tiger did it that man would have a new car.
imagine what tiger would do.
New Posts  All Forums: