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I have a g30 allways feels great to swing, makes good sound. I seem to hit mine leftish overall a good driver. I mostly game my i25. I make more centered hits with it and better controll for me.
Hello all- I want better looking shafts for my woods and driver but there isn't anywhere I can try after market shafts. do all shafts perform close to the same? so if my driver has a R flex 60g shaft on it now would I be safe getting a fujkura shaft with the same specs? thanks t
how long is your wing span vs how tall you are? my club head would get way behind me, I had a pro take my measurements found out I'm 5,9 with a 6'3 arms. we made some adjustments to my set up, then we or I would say I worked hard on the take away, come to find that when I take the club head back correct it goes outside the target line and I make almost perfect contact and gained distance. with what you have learned your body may be showing you your golf swing. I have...
shaft bending..I noticed that about my XHOT 4 and 7 woods but they haul the mail with a great sound.
rofl. no need to apologize , I should be banned for the post :) I love the replies.
lol. I'm not allowing myself self to start another thread when I'm thinking. I'm still laughing. I know what I was trying to say but I sure didn't put it into words, I will accept the dunce cap for the year.
please delete this thread.
sorry I should have include while hitting balls , or practicing. oh well. move on.
and what was your results ?
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