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look at this way infomercial says I can hit the ball 450 yards, the Fling Golf sticks don't claim that, but they do bring fun to the game for the golfer / non golfer.you all have to try it. like I said I prefer golf. but this is a idea worth looking at.
also just imagine if the the fling golfer could get a custom stick like color and grip. would be cool. and still save average Pearson money vs buying a full set.
tonight my wife went to the course with me to play 9. In the past she would try to hit a few shots but would end up being my caddy. she likes golf, but she didn't like the pain that came from miss hits and fat hits. my home course just got these sticks called Fling Golf. she played 9 holes of Fling Golf and had a blast, she said she has no pain after the round, and was more fun than golf to her. also note she had never used a fling golf stick or seen one ever but she...
I can respect that.not trying to steal the thread and not trying to make bad feelings. I just need to know?did you guys know where your club face was at the top?did you have a good grip?in lessons if you had them was your grip and club face taught before you learned to turn?I'm asking because I was taught grip and then it was get forward get forward, and for me the getting forward became so over done my club face got lost, now for me it's club face and the transfer, I...
I agree with jbishop. what wouldmost say about the club face being so open at the top? I have allways had trouble transferring my weight forward. after sometime with a teacher and a lot of range balls i found that my club face being to open on the back swing was causing my body to stop moving to let the club head catch up to sqaure at impact (subconscious taking over). I also suffered a big time struggle with shanks, and flipping, once I got the glub face good or close...
leupold range finder best there is.
nike http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2009/05/500_oregon_jobs_among_1750_nik_1.html callaway 2012 http://blogs.wsj.com/marketbeat/2012/07/11/callaway-to-layoff-up-to-10-of-staff-report/ titleist had some job cuts I think 07 and 09 now just add up all these lay offs up, and ask your self why golf is declining, I would say no money to play for a lot of people, or to buy...
black sharpie? lol can I ask why you want to remove the paint? I have used nail polish remover on my wedges so I could change the color of the numbers and worked well. Tom.
I can see dif. spin rates. how was left or right ball flight? did on shaft by your eye get to target better then the other?
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