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I do not know why but after reading this and other response, I just realized that the past 3 rounds a high % of my approach shots have left me pin high putts and I'm thinking pin high, say east and west of the pin may be worse the short or long.kind of a crazy thought, I'm thinking i would rather putt north or south (up hill or down hill) then east to west (across the slope.). hmm
I havr thought about that, but it's not the case, I don't get unhappy if I mis a scramble on a hole and walk away with bogie or double because I failed with my wedge, I know how to fix that. but when I gir and walk away with bogie or worse it frustrates me to no end and it's because I don't know how to fix it. my brain gets in the way,for some reason this year I have been trying to work the ball in the hole, trying to play the breaks. yeah I miss on the high side and even...
thanks for all the help. let me just say that my putter didn't fail me, I failed the putter. i got 10 + strokes to take of my game.
as for unacceptable anything over a 1 putt is! lol
my putting is very embarrassing. going to see pro Tuesday. I don't know why, to me it's like going to see a proctologist. lol thanks for the posts
lol. I hate to say it but my last 2 rounds = 85 putts is that 85 strokes? seems to me my high scoring is due to more puts on the greens then shots on the course. I have been saying to myself lately if I could putt I could score! looking at my gamegolf stats tells me my flat stick is keeping me out of the low 80's.
I'm going through a major putting funk. some on told me that I need to get the ball in the hole but if I miss it should be on the high side, I have also read this. well sice I have been using this logic I am putting worse, I'm either way short or 15 inchs past the hole with a down hill putt. thinking about it tonigh after 45 putts on my 91 round today, it came to me just get the ball in the hole and if it goes low then I have a more uphill putt and in my brain should be...
teach people ready golf, I see a lot of times two people in cart a sitting next to cart b then when 1st player takes his shot they all drive to the next and repeat I think this is one of the biggest problems. everybody hanging around one players ball instead of looking for theirs are getting ready for their shot. I was behind a group Sunday that went to first ball hit went to second ball hit then drove over to the creek where player 3 ball must have been the all get out...
maybe you should try the wild thing driver?
I have to rant. how do people try to say golf was for the rich and go on to say they played football? I think it was more a matter of choice? I spent as much or more on my sons jr football vs his golf. plus with football was much more travel. who knows all sports could be for the rich unless you are handed a meal ticket, or you are super talented? I know people that have mortgaged their houses just to have their child to become a tv dancer. it's what you invest your...
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