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how long is your wing span vs how tall you are? my club head would get way behind me, I had a pro take my measurements found out I'm 5,9 with a 6'3 arms. we made some adjustments to my set up, then we or I would say I worked hard on the take away, come to find that when I take the club head back correct it goes outside the target line and I make almost perfect contact and gained distance. with what you have learned your body may be showing you your golf swing. I have...
shaft bending..I noticed that about my XHOT 4 and 7 woods but they haul the mail with a great sound.
rofl. no need to apologize , I should be banned for the post :) I love the replies.
lol. I'm not allowing myself self to start another thread when I'm thinking. I'm still laughing. I know what I was trying to say but I sure didn't put it into words, I will accept the dunce cap for the year.
please delete this thread.
sorry I should have include while hitting balls , or practicing. oh well. move on.
and what was your results ?
I'm asking anybody that looks at this thread to go out to the range, course, backyard, putting green, indoor putting mat. what I want you to do is get in a posture that feels most powerful to you. forget what you have learned or what you have been taught. just go out there, take a set up that makes your body most comfortable and strong. more knee bend, less knee bend, strong, weak grip. bend over, backwards, what ever your best feeling address to th ball is. I'm asking...
here is a picture of my 7. in the past the fake grass would cover the bottum of the club front to back. but after countless shots this is all the mat that shows.
howdy all, here we go. I have been range ratting for solid week, practicing the proper grip I learned on this site and taking my club over on the back swing and under on the down swing. I have been doing ok but my distance was not right, my 7 iron has been going 130 to 135 all my clubs where off prob. 15 to 20 yards. but let me say I have been consistent straight. today after hitting some thin shots I got frustrated and set up to the ball and took a pissed off swing...
New Posts  All Forums: