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didn't change course, your on track, fib not at all. I respect your opinion. is a bad tee shot carelessness? or is it bad luck? I would imagine any golfer would be trying to avoid hurting someone in a gallery. I don't think tiger is careless when he hits a bad shot. isn't careless more defined by throwing your club because of anger into a gallery?
so me saying imagine what tiger would do sets you off ? so I guess you already know it would be a negative action? that is why your on the defense? just asking. I guess you carry tigers bag?why would would even have to defend tiger?I was thinking if tiger did it that man would have a new car.
imagine what tiger would do.
I would rather see any golfer be who they are vs any nfl or nba player.
i25 or Taylor made super fast or sldr. I hit all 3 off these. TM went a little further then i25. but i25 has racing stripes :). I had a r1 for a little while last year I couldn't get the ball in the air with it. if you like numers try the jet speed or sldr. if you like gaming. give the i25.
put the shaft in the toe end of the club. shanks no more.
school me. the way I think it and try to do it is to turn my hips then let my arms and hands come in after. every time I hear clear hips or get them out of the way makes me, what I will say over turn, rotate, my lower body. would I be wrong saying if my lower body gets open to the target and my upper is behind that I would either slice, hosel, or make a compensated pull? would it make sense to have the body and hands return to the ball mirroring the set up? hands...
hello all - here is my run down: I have been golfing 6 years. I'm 45 I play right handed tho I am left handed. I throw left handed, I hunt righty, I played base ball righty, my index right now is 20 I have been down to 16. my woods and driver are my strong spots irons are decent I have what I think is a flatter swing, left arm stays below my right shoulder on back swing, it's kind of a 2 piece swing because I do get the club behind me going back but I get it on plane...
has anybody here ever had the actual loft of your drivers checked or measured ?
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