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A must play in OC is Eagles landing its allways in great shape and has some really neat holes. more then 50. but well worth it.
lol. also if you where a in my 4. and all the sudden you started booming it 25+ I would question your breakfast or checking how you use Chapstick. but I wouldn't degrade you I would join the club. but if you started scoring better. and your nerves got calmer I would suspect something. :p
lol. I dont know you or your age, do a massive muscle body build, know you have to do this without anything that could improve your performance.now that I wrote that, we all better look out cause one day we may have to use that little blue performance enhancing pill. :p.
I have seen them in person. just for giggles look at mark McGwire and others before Ped and after body sizes, and maybe injuries B&A. you can go back in time, with books about sports and read how in almost every sport there was a pill or something that helped keep a leg up, players could claim stress, fatigue , or just trying to be better. i believe a lot of what was called greenies where used back in the day.I'm just saying what my eyes have seen. I'm not trying to...
true, I should of said muscle size, both tiger and Phil looked like monsters before all the PED stuff went down, they had a lot of definition. I'm no way talking long of the tee, peds do more then make a long baller. jmo.
much as my opinion won't be liked but I vote yes, both he and Phil I think did them, you just look at the size of their muscles before the Ped investigations started vs after, they both deflated and their games dropped a notch, I'm sure their are other golfers who used them also. but thos 2 stand out the most.
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