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So why does a Wooly Bear cross the green? Beats me. I move them to the other side when I see them. I learned that they, like Illinois golfers,  hibernate all winter too, I played yesterday though when we hit 60F. The next ten days say too cold for golf.
When I got married, fathers were still going to court to get admitted to the maternity ward birthing rooms. It was around 1970 and my cousin was in there. He passed out when the delivery started. An alert was triggered and they had staff running to the room thinking a baby was in trouble and it was only my cousin lying on the floor. I attended my son's birth, but they whipped up a curtain when it started and I saw my kid after it was over. I'm amazed that families now have...
Had a 75 going onto #17.  I'll have my lowest round this year if I just bogey the last two holes for an 11. I'll have my second lowest round this year if I double bogey both for a 13. Putts were dropping Driver was working, I even had two sandies. Let's do it!   Not.   -I get out of my pre-shot routine on #!7 watching  two guys weave their carts into the fairway looking for a ball. Normally I just walk up and hit with minimal swing thoughts. Here I stood staring at...
Have you been playing this weekly game for a while? If that's their protocol, then you have to abide by their rules, but I really I think they should have told you before you before the luck of the draw happened.   I suppose the Pro doesn't pay, but he doesn't collect either? And having him on your team gives you odds to take half the pot? Only reason I can see for him getting a pass.
 I've played this course often and it was involved in a lawsuit over a neighbor struck by an errant tee shot. It was not mentioned in that link, but the lady also sued the entire foursome, not just the golfer who hit the ball that struck her. They were dismissed from the suit by the judge early in the case when it was shown they had yelled "fore".  So always yell fore, if you play in Illinois. It means you gave a proper warning.  On the other hand, if you have a bad slice...
As a matter of fact, Clinton and Bush Senior deserve awards for promoting pace of play in golf. They have played together and finished 18 holes in less than two hours. According to Rick Reilly, they routinely gave each other 20 footers. Perks of the office. No one in front and everything on the green is good.
Well, I hope you got to play thru for your $25, and those guys were jerks first for holding you up and scammers sall the way.
Congrats to your dad, Mr. Aguierre. That's an impressive feat.   Aces are mostly luck, but when you get more than one, now it's skill, knowledge and reps because you've beaten the odds.   If Touring Pro's saw the same set of  short par 3's that I see on my Muni's twice a week,  they have the skill with their wedges to get a bunch of aces.
Re: Shoes.   Last weekend at the Encompass Championship (Senior Tour), I came early and my socks and shoes were thoroughly soaked by the morning dew. My waterproof DryJoys would have been nice, but by noon my footware had dried enough that I no longer heard and felt my footware squishing.   I doubt anyone looks at your shoes, but yes, I also feel those particular golf shoes and shorts are kind of dorky for spectators. 
I play with a group of retired guys, The pool of players is around 24-30 although we typically have 12-16 guys coming out for our twice a week rounds.  I estimate that most of the guys have over well over 1000 rounds in their career, but let's use 25000 rounds as a total.   I would say 40% of the group have aces. One guy has had three. A few have two.  Three years ago,  four of the more active players in the group got aces in the same summer, but only two were during...
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