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Just curious. If  this is related to a business and you're hosting them, shouldn't the company pay for their rounds?   If it's a weekend thing outside of work activities, I could see everyone paying their own way.
As for the PAT, 50% of the people who take it NEVER pass, ever, and only about 1-2% pass the first time they take it. When I read Tom Coyne's Paper Tiger, about his quest to get into Q-school, I wondered how come he failed his PAT. Well, if only 2% pass on their first shot, I understand the mental requirements a lot better.
Noisier is better for me,  Then, when I get out on the course, I care less about what's going on around me. People yakking, bozos on the highway honking their horns, lawn mowers, trains, and even roosters are all part of my golf environment. I just tell myself it's the range where you always pure a shot ....  and half the time I do.
I played last weekend on a delightful sunny Saturday at 55F, and thought the season was over, especially when I woke up this morning  to 22F and a dusting of snow on the ground.   Now they say high 50's Sunday and Monday for Northern Illinois. It's not over yet.
No problem with me, since your buddy knows how to keep pace, and is introducing new players to this great game. In two or three years, those now 12 year olds will  be teens that are  bombing the ball way past me, and since they will be well grounded in golf etiquette, golf courses will be glad to have them. Me, I'm 65 and often playing with folks where 150 yards is a "good" hit, but the shorter hitters play from the forward tees with a decent shot for a GIR.
My friend did hit this goose and knocked it into the lake. He said it survived. Meanwhile I was taking a pic. I didn't realize that I had almost caught the moment until I got home and downloaded the card. Missed a heck of a picture by a few hundredths of a second! Did catch the ball though.     As for me, I caught a buddy in the leg  with an errant sand shot, but nothing else.
I stuck it back in my pocket, and promptly lost track of which ball of the two already there that it really was, so I set all three aside. I was surprised when the golf course called a few weeks later and said they had an engraved plaque for me. It had a place for a ball, so I put in the shiniest one.
"How to tell someone they are bad at golf ...."   That's the ranger's job. He will tell you you can't reach the green and to hit away. Then either (a) he is wrong and you drop the ball amongst the people on the green or (b) he is wrong and so you take a nighty swing to prove it, topping the ball 10 yards.
Suggest you use one of the course's pull carts unless your stroller has big wheels that can roll thru soft ground and wet grass. Most strollers I've seen were designed for pavement.
Your school's match results are on their web pages. Here's one.|   http://www.goredlands.com/sports/mgolf/2012-13/files/2013_West_Cup_Men.pdf   Aw man, that's a pretty school by the mountains.
New Posts  All Forums: