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 Well, I paid $20 to walk 18 yesterday and had a great time. $50 green fees are not in my bag. However, I'd drop the money to play/stay at a iconic course like Pebble, and I would expect to have a knowledgeable caddy, friendly staff everywhere, and would be ready to pay out a bundle in tips. Wouldn't mind waiting to hit though. I'd want a slower round so I could look at things. A TPC track in Texas doesn't get my attention.Nonetheless, unless they were rude to you, which...
A lot of my friends wear golf GPS watches with the front, middle, rear yardage readout. I should get one. I use a hand held, which is never in my pocket when I want it. Since I have worn a watch 24/7 for over 50 years, I feel more comfortable with the weight on my wrist.
 Unless you go up in the mountains or into the Antarctic, does any place south of the equator have winters worse than the great Plains and Upper Midwest? Capetown gets down to 45F in July. Melbourne is similar. Santiago, Chile might hit 40's. Southern NZ doesn't freeze? Just curious. Me, I hurt my elbow shoveling snow a month ago and missed opening day of golf this week. Next week maybe.
I don't normally watch much golf on TV, but when I do, it's like this.  Really a compelling finish, with all those guys so close, slogging thru the rain, coming up short, getting up and down. Wow.
My rewrite of the classic Bedazzled movie  has Peter Cook as the Devil offering Dudley Moore seven wishes....He says. " I wanna be a  Pro golfer. A successful one, mind you!",,,,Zap, he's turned into Christina Kim.
Back to original topic, yeah, what's up with Golf Digest. The printed magazine seems about half its original size. Last page of current issue is an article on how to avoid paying your golf gambling debts. Tongue in cheek yes, but still strange.   My local muni held a very casual hole-in-one contest several years ago to benefit Wounded Warriors. It cost a few bucks. They had two cameras watching the tee boxes and the green. You won something like a free cart rental if you...
 I read where Mr. Noh hopes to play in the Olympics next year for S. Korea and get a medal, which he said would somehow exempt him from future service. I would think  both Bae and Noh would be good for Korea on their Olympic team next year. Well, they do what they have to do.
Walked 18. Pedometer says I did 6.6 miles. Feel good about that after the big Christmas festing yesterday.  This is northern Illinous, and it started chilly in the lower 40's bit warmed up to 50F with the sun out.
They're building a second one on the Chicago area. I visited the first one in the middle of winter about four years ago. A friend and I were looking for an alternative to an indoor driving range. It's much better than hitting balls in a dome, but more expensive. If we had gotten into the game mentality, hitting to targets, etc, plus pizza , beer, GF's and wives ....  sure, it might be a fun evening, but we just wanted to hit balls.   Other people  must like it though or ...
While you guys inear Los Angeles are mopping up the water this weekend, Chicago is  going above 50F with overcast skies,  No snow on the ground, but the ponds are still frozen, Just warm enough to go play.
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