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Back to original topic, yeah, what's up with Golf Digest. The printed magazine seems about half its original size. Last page of current issue is an article on how to avoid paying your golf gambling debts. Tongue in cheek yes, but still strange.   My local muni held a very casual hole-in-one contest several years ago to benefit Wounded Warriors. It cost a few bucks. They had two cameras watching the tee boxes and the green. You won something like a free cart rental if you...
 I read where Mr. Noh hopes to play in the Olympics next year for S. Korea and get a medal, which he said would somehow exempt him from future service. I would think  both Bae and Noh would be good for Korea on their Olympic team next year. Well, they do what they have to do.
Walked 18. Pedometer says I did 6.6 miles. Feel good about that after the big Christmas festing yesterday.  This is northern Illinous, and it started chilly in the lower 40's bit warmed up to 50F with the sun out.
They're building a second one on the Chicago area. I visited the first one in the middle of winter about four years ago. A friend and I were looking for an alternative to an indoor driving range. It's much better than hitting balls in a dome, but more expensive. If we had gotten into the game mentality, hitting to targets, etc, plus pizza , beer, GF's and wives ....  sure, it might be a fun evening, but we just wanted to hit balls.   Other people  must like it though or ...
While you guys inear Los Angeles are mopping up the water this weekend, Chicago is  going above 50F with overcast skies,  No snow on the ground, but the ponds are still frozen, Just warm enough to go play.
Living in a dorm for three weeks. Eating in cafeterias. No Gulfstream. Security everywhere. Why would a Touring Pro used to the good life of the PGA want to go to Brazil in 2016.
My goal is to relax, have fun, golf more than I did this year,  and be able to post the same goals a year from now for 2016.
So why does a Wooly Bear cross the green? Beats me. I move them to the other side when I see them. I learned that they, like Illinois golfers,  hibernate all winter too, I played yesterday though when we hit 60F. The next ten days say too cold for golf.
When I got married, fathers were still going to court to get admitted to the maternity ward birthing rooms. It was around 1970 and my cousin was in there. He passed out when the delivery started. An alert was triggered and they had staff running to the room thinking a baby was in trouble and it was only my cousin lying on the floor. I attended my son's birth, but they whipped up a curtain when it started and I saw my kid after it was over. I'm amazed that families now have...
Had a 75 going onto #17.  I'll have my lowest round this year if I just bogey the last two holes for an 11. I'll have my second lowest round this year if I double bogey both for a 13. Putts were dropping Driver was working, I even had two sandies. Let's do it!   Not.   -I get out of my pre-shot routine on #!7 watching  two guys weave their carts into the fairway looking for a ball. Normally I just walk up and hit with minimal swing thoughts. Here I stood staring at...
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