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Hello, everyone! I feel like I am forced to start this thread although I have had no desire to do so at all.   There are two reasons for this.   First, I would like to warn everyone that the way halpennygolf (Ireland) do their business is extremely unfair and you should refrain from having any business with them. Secondly,  I would like to kindly ask for your advice on what to do next.    Here is the story in brief:  On April 4th 2014 I have ordered a set of irons...
Hi, Groomyd!   I am a very frequent visitor to Turkey and particularly to the Belek area. It is the major golfing destination for the Russian golfers. There is about a dozen courses there and some of the turkish pros are my good golfing friends.    Let me know what exactly you want to know about the place and I will try to help you out.   PS: I have to disappoint you but The Gloria courses are far from the best in the area both conditioning and design wise. TAT is...
As a  Russian golf pro, I feel like I may chime in. In no particular order the reasons are:   - no history of game, no traditions and a bad perception of golf in the masses. As others have said, golf was considered a bourgeois sport during the USSR and this hasn't changed yet. - very few golf courses (around 10 in the whole country now) which are also very upscale and expensive, actually closed to public - as a result very few people play golf, especially...
The latest update re: my improvement. This past week was spent in Russia where I couldn't refrain from playing golf. I have played 9 holes on my local GC with a CR of 70 and SR of 128 and shot 37 (+1). By far the best round of my life - 100% fairway hit, 70% GIR and decent short game and putting. THE conclusion: go to the Golf Evolution Academy, spend some time and money and get better, way better. Period.
OK. Now the new price comes out - $250 for the irons (4-9) + R7 Driver (460cc, 11.5 loft, regular shaft).
Any offers?
You should be Erik Barzeski to benefit from it. -))
I try to make a S&T swing, obviously!
albatross PM sent!
When it is correct it feels like crap, while when it is crap it feels very smooth and beautiful! -))
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