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Craigslist. Meet up somewhere, let them take a look at it...SOLD.   If you could post it here, it probably wouldn't even do you any good because it'll end up just like Ebay shipping it to them and doing all that crap.
Age: 18   Height: 5'10''   Where are you from: Canton, OH   How Long have you been Playing: Next season will be my 4th season. I started playing in May of 2009.   Best Score: 80(Carroll Meadows Golf Course)   Favorite club in the bag: 8 Iron   Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Never seen or read any, lol   Where do you play: NE Ohio-The Fairways at Arrowhead, Seven Hills CC   Best courses you've played so far: Little Mountain...
No-hitters and perfect games are different. That's defense to the extreme which is fine.
I agree. And I'm not saying they want to see poor defense, just big plays on offense and defensive scoring plays.
Exactly.   Nobody wants to sit around and watch good defense. That goes for any sport. Nobody wants to watch a 1-0 baseball game. Nobody wants to watch 1-0 hockey games. Nobody wants to watch 75-70 basketball games. And nobody wants to watch 6-3 football games. Well, I take that back. The purists for their respective sport, love to see it. But other than that, the guys sitting out in the outfield want to see homerun balls flying into the seats, the guys in the dawg pound...
I was wondering the same thing...what kind of rules do they play by? Lift, clean, and place?   A kid on my high school golf team pours his extra gatorade and powerade on his wedges to make them tackier and spin more. When he told me about it I busted his chops about it the rest of the year.
Hopefully today will get CJ going again. 23 carries for 190 yards! Bout time he busts out!
Not a bad start for CJ today. 4 carries for 24 yards. The Bucs D looks like a bunch of backup punters running around today.
2003 Ford Escape
New Posts  All Forums: