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Honestly, what the hell happened? He went from arguably the best running back in the league to the worst in a matter of months. I can't even watch Titans games any more because I just cringe every time we hand him the damn ball. In the game against the Falcons right now, we're down 20-3 and he has 10 carries for 14 freakin yards. I mean c'mon! WTF!
These stories are great! Hahahaha   My first year playing I was on the 18th hole at my home course. Not OB their's a grassy area full of trees to the right, and as I do quite often, I go right and lose my ball. For some reason I great really, really, really pissed off when I lose a ball. I don't mind losing one in the water or in the woods, but when I just flat out cannot find a ball, I get f'ing pissed off. So I lose it, and it was a practice round so I don't feel...
beef it up
I did some leg work today. I'm really sore from yesterday. Started getting ready for baseball and threw a bullpen session so my back is really sore as well as my right arm.
Whelp...I'm calling it a month. I'm hacking everything off in a couple minutes.
My razor is calling my name as well. I think I'm gonna cave tomorrow morning.
Nah, more like straight up, straight down. If you step forward you're going to get out on your front foot and hit weak groundballs to short and 3rd all day.
I agree.
I'd try to trade it in somewhere for a left handed club.
Same here. I've never bought a tee in my 2 1/2 years on the course.
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