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42(+7). Played alright. Finally starting to hit some fairways!
My home course is struggling a little bit financially but it's managing to keep its head above water. Ever since it went public three years ago it's been going downhill. The past two years the conditions have been absolute crap. This year they hired a new groundskeeper who used to work at a great country club in the area and it's really starting to look good again for the first time in a couple years.
At my home course I only use it twice. Off the tee on two Par 3's(#10, 13).
86(+14) in sectionals today. Started on the back and shot a 39(+3). Don't even wanna talk about the front. Not the way I wanted this season to end.
I freaking holed out from 120 yards out today!!! My longest to date. It was on #5 at Seven Hills CC but it was only for birdie since I had to punch out for my second shot. It was awesome though! I knew it was good it was gently fading back towards the flag and then it hits like 3 feet in front, takes a big hop, and rolls right in! I threw my hands up and went nuts! It really turned my round around too and par'd out for a 39!
83(+11). Two doubles to start off each 9 really inflated my score. Both were easy par 5's too so that really frustrated me. I was +4 thru 3 on the front, then I was -1 on the last 6 holes to shoot a 39(+3) on the front.   Highlight of the day was holing out from 120 yards out. Too bad it was only for birdie since I had to punch out...
Impressive performance from the Rays SP Matt Moore last night. 2nd career start and he throws 7 scoreless innings in Game 1 of their ALDS against a very good Ranger offense.
Shot a 43(+8) today. Normally I wouldn't be real happy with it but it was cold, windy, and raining the whole time so I'll take it.
Here in northeastern Ohio the golf season is typically May-October. While you can still play in April and November, it's really almost not even worth your time. Way too wet in the spring and too many leaves in the fall.
#5 Par 4, 446 yard slight dogleg left. 220 out. Nail a hybrid and stick it to 7 feet. Missed the birdie putt though...
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