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That was insane last night! So glad to see the Redsox go down!         GO CUBS!  
I'm not a fan of using the driver off the tee for a beginner. I'd reccommend going Putter-3Wood. Tee it up high and give it a good whack with the putter and then hammer a 3Wood into the green. Simple enough?
42(+6) at Skyland Pines
Shot a 44(+8) today at Congress Lake CC. Private course so it was a real treat to be able to get on. Probably one of the toughest if not the toughest course I've ever played. Not an overly long course at 6500-6600 yards but it was tight as hell. Thank god my tee shots were on today. Now if only I could've made a couple putts. The three greens I actually hit, I three putt...go figure.
This year I've birdied 9/18 holes. The rest I've par'd.   In the last two years I've birdied 13/18 holes. The rest again par'd.   Never had an eagle.
Mine isn't really a good shot, it's actually two shots with the same result. I was on hole #12 yesterday. Probably 220 or 230 out. I hit the first one with my hybrid, hit the next with my 3 wood. Both went right. Both were in the back right sand trap not even a foot apart. I could not believe it!
12.1 handicap. If I have a really bad day I'm in the 90's. Usually I shoot pretty much anywhere from 80-88. If I'm 90+ it was a really bad day.
Short par 4. Hit an iron off the tee. Had a 9i from about 140. Back left pin. Stuck it to 3ft and hammered home the putt for birdie!
Another great start...to be ruined. +1 thru 4. Then I double 14, par 15, then double the last three for a 44. I think I'm going to explode. I swear I ruin every chance I have at a good round. I ****ing double 4 of the last 5 holes. Like wtf. Can I please get my head out of my ass and finish a god damn 9. Last two 9's should've easily been in the 30's and I ****ing come away with a 41 and 44. #finishadamnround
Shot a really bad 41(+6) at The Sanctuary. Played alot better than the score shows. Should've been in the 30's for sure. Missed a green that I was 110 yards out on and bogied it. Was 100 yards out in two on par 5 #7 and doubled it. Should've been an easy par. Three strokes right there that would've got me down to a 38. Then I three-putt two greens which would've saved me at least another two strokes and would've put me in the 36-37 range. Really, really frustrated with...
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