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LMAO at this thread!
Any course much more than 6300 or 6400 you almost have to hit driver at least a handful of times unless you feel comfortable hitting a 3wood and hybrid into greens.
At the end of the day all I care about is what is on the scorecard. I could care less what my swing looks like.
I GOT IT!   Have you ever been frustrated with driver slots or external driver wells that just can't seem to keep your putter away from the graphite shafts on your 3wood or hybrids?  Have you been sickened by scratches on your $6,000 TM R11 knockoff of a $99 Ping driver because it just wasn't adequately separated from your irons? Introducing the Driver Protecto-Magic!
  A headcover? What is that? I just bought me a Putter Protecto-Magic! lol   hahaha
My best shot of the week was actually two shots. Friday a friend called and we played 9 holes around noon. Hole #1 I chip in from in front of the green for par...later that evening I go golfing with another friend. Almost the exact same senario except I'm on off the back of the green on the side of a mound. I chip that one in on Hole #1, once again for par. Two chips ins on the same hole for par in the same day. If only I could actually get off to a decent start for once...
I shot an 84(+12) yesterday at Maumee Bay Golf Links. Went 40-44. Had three doubles, had three penalty strokes, all were on the holes I doubled. Conditions were just brutal. It was right up on Lake Erie, and it was windy as hell. The front was windy, but fairly easy. The back however, just flat out brutal. Every hole was a battle. I hit a 5 iron from 145 on one hole, and a PW from 150 on another. A couple drives I really got a hold of, weren't even 210 yards haha. Some...
Shot a 46(+11) yesterday. Played like crap. Only hit two fairways, one green. The one green I hit was on the last hole so by then it was too late. Bogied everything and had a double, triple, and a par. Had so many putts lip out I didn't know what to do. I had three par putts lip out, and a bogey putt lip out. I was so close to just snapping my putter in half. Had 18 putts but I had a lot more than the stat shows because of how many I had from a couple inches onto the...
Swing looks really good to me. Only thing I see is that you come over the top. When I'm coming over the top I just focus on taking it straight back and straight through in a smooth motion.   I really like your setup as well. Only thing I would say is to keep your upper body a little straighter up. I think you're bent over a little too much.
Finally broke back into the 30's with a 39(+4) today. Didn't play great, but got the job done. Had one birdie and no doubles which is key for me to score. The doubles always kill me. I can really only think of one stroke I left on the course which was on a short 340 yard par 4. I was right down the middle, maybe 50 yards out. Missed the green short and in the sand and bogied the hole. Should've been an easy par.
New Posts  All Forums: