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Shot a 42(+7). Really upset with it though. Could've easily been a 39 or 40. +1 thru 4. Bogeyed 5. +2 thru 5. Go to #6, easiest hole on the course, a dead straight 490 yard par 5. Not much trouble other than sand traps around the green. Just short in two, get it on, freakin 3 putt for bogey. #7 is an easy 145 yard par 3. It was really windy and the wind was at our back but for once all day the wind was pretty calm. But it was really windy all round and it was finally at...
Shot an 88(+18) at Little Mountain Country Club today. 45-43. Pretty difficult course so I was pleased with it.
I chose Little Mountain, and played it today with three friends. I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was with this course. Maybe my expectations were just too high or something. Not sure what to think.   -Clubhouse~Good. Pretty small though for such a big-name course. -Putting Green~Poor. Small and flat. -Sand Traps~Pathetic. Probably a quarter of them were flooded. The others were dry and collapsed on the walls because of how deep the go and how...
Right around 140
42(+7) yesterday at Mill Creek. Played really bad but didn't score too bad. Only had 13 putts!...but still shot a 42. Any other day with that putting and it could've easily been a 37, 38, or 39. I somehow managed to double the first hole and I was 145 out right down the middle. Should've been an easy par. UGH!
I would definitely gravitate towards a "walking" course. I love walking but when I'm playing at my home course or really any other course in the area, I just feel too out of place not to take a cart most of the time.
Not a bad swing.   A few things I noticed are that you don't get much hip slide, your feet at setup is not exactly ideal(looks like a closed stance in baseball or you're aiming way right of the target), and your follow-through sorta wraps around your head and looks like it would cause a slicing issue.
Welcome to The Sand Trap!   Where are you at in Ohio? Near the Akron/Canton area?
Right on the money. I really could care less who is behind me. Single, twosome, threesome, foursome. It doesn't matter...if they are faster and their is room ahead of you, then let them play through. I'd much rather let them play through than to like you said, have them breathing down my neck the whole round.
Shot an 89(+19) this morning. Once again too many doubles. Had a three doubles on the front for a 44 and a double, triple on the back for a 45. Haven't played in a four days which is the longest I've gone without playing all summer so maybe I was just a little rusty.
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