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money towards a titleist 910D3 with a mid to high kickpoint stiff shaft :) something that doesnt resemble a wedge like my reggy reggy stock cobra 10.5 :) tried it at the range with a Mototre F1 75g stiff was beautiful :) might see about the ahina or the rip so i dont get an upcharge  
btw that spin was with range balls but my coach will be having a look in february so i can get the most up to date possible optimum combination for the start of the season. I might consider moving to pro v1x for next year
Currently i have the cobra S2 with the stock regular flex shaft. I have had my swing measured and my numbers,  3600 rpm spin and 95 mph SS with a very high launch too. I am 17 and 5'5 140 lbs Could somone help me with shaft selection. Thanks
yeh i got a new putter a couple of weeks ago and its helped me hole most 3-4 footers
i have the stock 46" in my cobra s2 and its easy enough to hit
today i shot 72 for the first time today at my home course (previous best 77). its par 69 5400 yards ss 66 so not a long course but off of 17 handicap im delighted. I discovered that hitting 3 wood off the tee is a good idea on the shorter holes as if your playing from the centre of the fairway its very easy compared to even the sides of the fairway. What is the best way to continue this.  
i shot a 72 today on a par 69 5400 yards sss 66 i still count it as shooting better than 75 :) i wouldnt not count it just because it wasnt on a big course
72 5 bogeys 2 birdies played out of my skin :) thats me got a huge cut :)
nope im a bit of a chopper and play fast but my mate 5 hcap take 4 hours to go round
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