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I simply use a groove brush after every shot to free the dirt/grass/ball covering from the grooves, wipe them off with a bag towel after and that's it. I see them as tools that will dirty/worn and am not to anal about cleaning every speck of dirt or stain off the clubs. Besides they are not a $1,000 + set, regardless I don't think I would go overboard with cleaning them. Sure if I was about to sell them or knew I was a golfer who changed clubs every year I would be more...
What do you mean playing off 18? Consider chipping requires more than a good stroke.. I have a poor feeling for swing height and associated distance w/ pitches / chips. What this equates to is flying the green or coming up short. From these locations I get the ball up to the green but often just to fringe because I'm not running it well or able to stop the ball. This leave 2-3 puts to hole out. It is extrememly frustrating but understand most of my range time was...
So far what I have learned after making this post is that YES its time to focus on other facets of my game, what many of the responders missed when criticizing my drive distance vs. handicap was the point that I give up 1-2 strokes per hole for horrible chipping/putting. At two strokes per hole goofing easy up/and downs I would already establish a 36 handicap!!!! Generally what I was looking for is to find that yes my driving is acceptable and apparently above average....
apparently spell check changed every now to NOT.
I'm curious to see how my drive distance stacks up with others on the site.. I feel like I am not hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever with less "effort" I will not drive the ball with a slight Push-Fade between 250-280 yrds. I feel like for an amateur of 2+ yrs. experience w/ high handicap of 35 I can not start focusing on my short game. I loose 1-2 strokes a hole for poor chipping. Yikes!!
248 second shot.. its getting old
130 beat that
I've yet to play with a hybrid in my bag, my irons do just fine but I've been contemplating buying one for those trouble shots in the rough w/ 200+ yards to carry. The few times I've used them (pulling from a friends bag) I've hit them well. The modified head shape really seems to carry velocity through the thick stuff. I'm thinking of buying a fairly cheap (Slazenger) Raw distance 3i. But seeing winters on the horizon I will keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on...
I've been reading tour tempo, once I'm done w/ that I will have to pick this book up and go through it. Any instruction is better than no instruction
25 Been playing since I was 16 but only couple times a year.. never really learning actually how to play golf. Actually playing regularly for 2 years and this is the first year I'm really focusing on improving my game. dropped my score from always around 60 on nine to 50 or below just this year. Looking foward to playing more golf next year and trying to get my scores in the mid 40's.
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