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You can play just about every course in the Metro Phoenix area if you are willing to drive an hour. Try We-Ko-Pa for a nice course and great views.Use Golf Now to get a better idea of course locations and price ranges. Prices will start dropping in April.
I had a crappy score yesterday , but I did win closest to the pin
LOL, I knew someone would bring that up. I play the clubs that work best for me, and the Sabertooth putter just suits me. I always threaten my putter to replace it with a new one, but I cant find one that works as well for me.   
I am a Ping fan. I play all ping clubs except for my putter. I am from Arizona and was fit at the headquarters in Phoenix. I even got to meet John Solheim while I was there. They re-gripped all my clubs, corrected all the lofts and lies(I bought them used) and had it done in 24 hrs at a VERY low price. I have had nothing but excellent customer service. And they are just down the street from my in-laws house.  LOL
I carry a 50*, 56* and a 60*. The 50 is my perfect 100-110yd club. The 56* is the workhorse on short approaches and around the green. And the 60* is the specialty club. When I use the 60* I am always glad to have that option.
Great post with alot of good info. Can't pound the pulpit enough about the Phil Mickelson DVD. That is a great video and helped me also.
Odyssey Sabertooth 33" with an oversize grip. It has the perfect balance for me and quiets my hands. I haven't been able to find anything that comes close.
I am a Red Tee only person. Like they said in the movie Bull Durham: "if you think you're hitting the ball because you're getting laid or not getting laid or because you are wearing women's underwear then you are" and that's the end of that.  LOL
Shot a 37 today on a par 33 9 hole course. My best round ever there. My previous best was a 39. Had a longest drive and a closest to the pin in our league tonight.  YESssssssssssssssss......
I use nRange I had it on my blackberry and now on my EVO 4G. You can pick 3 courses to play for free forever or pay $19.00 for a year and play any course you want or $89.00 lifetime and can transfer it to whatever phone you have or will have and play any course. I do the $19. I have compared it to a skycaddie and various other brands including what some courses have on their carts. It is within a yard of all of them and I can't complain about it at all. It has great stat...
New Posts  All Forums: