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I just got a set of Ping G25 irons a couple of weeks ago. I had bought a set of Mizuno JPX-825's which are great irons but I'm much more consistent with the G25's. Probably because I played Eye 2's for 25 years, I guess I'm just a Ping guy.
 In that case I'll be a way uncool golfer. I play Mizuno irons.
 Yeah, I need to give them a try. I did swing a MP-53 6 iron at Edwin Watts and have to admit it was pretty easy to hit and felt awesome..I'm 54 years old now but back in my teens and to mid twenties I was playing Wilson Staff Dynapower Fluid Feel irons. A true forged blade. Still got them.
Dang those irons are beautiful. I hope I can get my swing good enough someday to get back to forged irons like that. Got a set of Mizuno JPX-825's heading my way right now. How forgiving are the MP-59's?
For those that have played both, thoughts? Thanks. Chuck
Thanks guys. I'm kind of leaning towards the Pros because of the forged feel. I don't think I can go wrong with either.
For those who have played both, how would you compare distance and forgiveness of these two? I'm 54 years old. 20 years ago I was probably about a 10 handicap. Good solid fundamentals but because I'm getting older just don't hit it very far anymore. 7 iron about 145 to 150. Really on the fence between these two. Thanks for any input.
The Big Easy, Mr. Ernie Els. Adam Scott's is just about perfection though.
 I thought I was the only one that didn't get this "gaming" thing.
I see you got about as many replies as I did. Wish I could help. Still waiting on some feedback on Titleist AP1 712's vs Mizuno JPX 825's. http://thesandtrap.com/t/69608/titleist-ap1-712-vs-mizuno-jpx-825
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