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Love my 60 and 52 black finish SM5's. Really fantastic wedges.
Thanks for the reply iacas. Would the feeling to actually be pushing my hips up and forward at start of downswing? I do have some back issues that do limit how hard and what angles I can do certain things.
This time of the year, it's about 50 degrees for me. Catch me in January or February when I start getting the itch and you'll find me on the course if it's above 40 and sunny.
88 in the first day of the club championship. 4th place right now in 1st flight. Real tough setup and 20+ mph winds. Chasing 6 strokes gross and 4 on the net.
My G15 w/ Oban Devotion is just ridiculous right now.
Contests! Lots of milestones there. What's the course rating?
I felt like I was never getting to the center of the driver but hitting most of the balls low center but still launching it high. I'll continue to work on it for sure. Thanks for the tips so far!
I hitthe range real quick after work because this is really eating away at me. Changes I made were moving the ball what felt to be way up in my stance, teeing it quite a bit higher, and working on firing my lead knee at the target. Here's a video I had someone at the range take... Ball flight was MUCH higher. To a point that I'm not comfortable with. Distance seemed fine as I was blowing them out over the tall net in the back at 240 yards, but there was a 10mph...
I always play a new course a few strokes higher than my cap. Not being familiar with the greens, a miss to an area I wasn't aware of, fuming mad and taking driver when I should be hitting 4i ;)
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