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Well he did more damage to England than the Luftwaffe. Up there with the defining greats from his sport. Probably little else you can hope for in any sport. Kids growing up wanting to be Ali or Tiger or Jordan or Don, to name just a few.
Well if the shaded area is hiding a set of real balls, then probably not.
Here they can't seem to be able to make their minds up. One days it's "get the vaccine - it's 100 safe" Next day it's "don't get the vaccine - it's dangerous" On the basis that more people probably die from an epidemic than the vaccine, I had my jab (or jabs should I say). Arm went dead for a couple of hours but nothing worse then the old cholera vaccines we had to have in the 70's.
I'd have to go with the links style. It is true. Faced with pros with modern equipment, links courses do rely on on a set of natural defences, the wind being one of them. I think it was the green keeper at Turnerry who said something along the lines of: "the prevailing wind is from the East, but it never blows from there" The strength of the wind is only one part of the equation. The way the wind swirls around is another.
I'll stand by what I said. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The only thing we know for a fact is the past and in the past, her career decisions haven't exactly been spot on have they? Two very entertaining tours, two sets of excellent golfers. The twain shouldn't be allowed to meet.
If I can get 2 sets of clubs (ok - had to take them out of the bags) in the back of a Smart, pretty sure you can fit 2 sets in the 350. When we rolled up at the club is like one of those fun cars at the circus - stuff just kept being pulled out.
Nice to see (and pretty nice to watch as well). maybe now she'll concentrate on her own Tour and leave the PGA events alone. If they allow women to play PGA events, why don't they allow men to play LPGA events? Pretty sure some of the struggling Pro's on the PGA would welcome the money.
I don't need an alarm clock anymore. I wake up bang on time - or rather as soon as my prostate wants me to wake up. Whoever coined the phrase "Golden Years" obviously had phenomenal bladder control.
My best rounds usually come when I play with people who appreciate the values and etiquette of our great game. People who are real golfers in the sense of their attitude towards the game. People who have the right blend of eagerness and humility which is necessary to playing the game in the spirit it was meant to be played. Playing ability of partners has little to do with my enjoyment of a round of golf. The only person I've ever caught cheating during a round was off...
Call me fossil. Simple fact of the matter is that all the Pros playing today and cashing big winners cheques owe Arnie a VERY big debt of gratitude. Greatest sports star ever: Mr "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" Ali.
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