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What is everyone's thought on keeping the rear arm (right arm for right handed players) passive in the backswing and downswing to help prevent pushing with the rear arm? Almost like your whole swing is done with the front arm so you don't push with the rear and throw off your timing. Hope that wasn't confusing. Thanks!
Hey everyone, figured I'd chime in on the results of the Callaway FT-IZ driver I purchased. Specs: Callaway FT-IZ, Stiff Flex, Aldila Voodoo, 10 degree driver. I only have positive things to say about this driver. I for some awkward reason usually strike my irons well as as well as my woods, but not my driver. So I gave up on the driver and usually drove with my 13degree wood. I then tried out the FT-IZ locally and it's the only driver that felt good to me at...
Ok, here's the deal, I've only been playing for approximately 7 months, have scored in the low 90's a few times and appear to idle around there. Now, I actually picked up the game, learning to strike my irons pretty good and fairly consistent, while I was horrible with a driver. So, I get rid of the driver and use a 13degree FW for a while. I just purchased a new driver (Callaway FT-IZ) and the past few rounds, I have been very consistent and long with my driver but my...
Just got back from the range and I did a majority of my swinging with my feet closer together, not TOGETHER but about a foot apart at the most and it made most my striking fairly consistent. From 60 degree - 4 iron. Obviously with 60 degree my feet being very close compared to my 4 iron, but it does work. Also, full swings.
A lot of you have heard and know of the "feet together drill", which is a great drill to warm up with and you hit the ball fairly close to your normal swing length when doing it. Does anyone here play with their feet fairly close together when it comes to their irons? I believe Sergio plays with his feet closer than average. Does anyone here do that on a consistent basis with good results when playing? Thanks
So, I was watching "Playing Lessons" with John Daly and he was talking about a drill he does where he swings one handed (left hand for right handed player). It teaches you to bring the club back properly so you do an inside to outside swing. Has anyone ever tried starting their backswing with a slight push of the left arm to throw the arms back on plane then rotate the hips and then just go tension free as best as you can on the downswing so you hit flush? Hopefully...
In order for me to make a good swing, I start my backswing with my hips and it launches my arms back without tension, then on the downswing I start with my hips and it whips my arms through the zone tension free for solid contact. Anyone else do the same? Just wondering if it's strange with that order or just another normal method that works overall.
Fun tournament to watch. I live in Palm Beach County and went to watch the finals today. 1st time going to a PGA tournament. I was hoping for AK to pull through but oh well, Camilo deserves it. Some impressive shots out there. Look forward to visiting more.
Thanks for the help guys. I picked the book up 2 weeks ago..good read, just have to keep the fundamentals in mind until it's second nature.
Anyone here who is consistent at ball striking, in your backswing, does it feel like your left arm swings back to your right shoulder, or does it feel like you are taking your left arm and trying to push it through your right shoulder? I hope that wasn't too confusing, I'm sure some know what I'm talking about - this question was intended for right handed players and vice versa for left handed. Thanks
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