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Sold locally.
  This would be awesome. I work for the local government here in Louisville KY and the Fleur De Lys is EVERYWHERE. Would be perfect for the next golf scramble.
My wife picked these up at a retailer that was having a big clearance sale. They were the displays so she got a little better deal on them. However, they are too big for me. The bottoms have a very tiny bit of wear from what I would imagine people trying them on. However, there are no scuffs, scrapes or anything on them at all.... definitely haven't seen a golf course at all. I can't return them, so I'm here to sell. These currently sell for $225 at most places and were...
Can I take back what I said yesterday about Tiger being done? LoL.  He looks like the Tiger of 10 years ago today! Should be a fun finish today
Charl Schwartzel's chip in was epic! I thought he damn near sculled it at first, but he played it beautifully.
Really it's going to depend on the driver head. I would say with your SS, a regular shaft would be better suited. However, that will definitely change the launch angle. With your ball speed, you're already at the ideal launch angle. However, you need to get your RPMs up.... A LOT. As Ross Perot used to say: Take a look at this chart.      A good place to start would probably be a 9.5* driver with a regular shaft. Should help get more RPMs. Good Luck!
Plain and simple.... what is the best way to take some length off of a driver shaft?   I got fit for a new shaft this off season and saved a boat load of money by putting it in myself. However, my driver is now 46" and I prefer 44.5". Gripping down doesn't feel right because of the taper of the grip. So, I'd like to take the extra 1.5" off.   What kind of tool should I use? I've been told a good plumber's pipe cutter would work well. I also have a jig saw with...
Sorry, but Tiger IS out of it. He's just not putting well enough.   If Rory slips.... I think Angel Cabrera will take home his second Green Jacket. Dude is too cool and calm to make big mistakes. I like Luke Donald as an outside shot, just because his iron play and short game are so good. With Sunday pin locations at a major, he could post a number with an hour or so left in Rory and Angel's round that will put a little more pressure on them. Either way, I'm pulling for...
Kaymer.... fail.
Sale Pending.
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