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Been awhile since I posted but I just got a new GoPro and had an impromptu after work range session (excuse the jeans).  I actually like most of the things about my swing right now, but one issue I have had since I started golfing a few years ago is that my head turns away from the ball at the top of my swing.  Is it something I can fix, or is it lack of flexibility? Also if you have any other comments about my swing, they are welcome!  Misses right now are pulls, hooks...
Ok, even though all was well I had to tinker with my swing. Here is the new takeaway...I was able to get after it a bit more without fear of a big hook which was nice. I almost think my takeaway is a bit long and I come just a tiny tiny bit OTT. Any opinions other than I need to lose some weight?  Lol
Dan Kochevar is also a very good coach at the Bensenville dome. 
Fellow Chicago guy here and softball player. I play 12" though...   welcome to the site!
Good work Boogie. Are they giving free lessons there?   Is this the one at the Rosemont?  How's the equipment selection?
Latest swing video...hitting everything pretty well. My misses are mainly from being lazy and not turn hard right. I hit a toe'y duck hook when I do that. I've also put on about 20lbs!  Time to get in the gym, lol.   
Highlands of Elgin is another course at the top of my list out that way. Lots of fun holes there.
Mid march 45 degree and breezy would feel like Maui compared to this BS weather we have right now n
Schaumburg Golf Course is pretty much my home course. I used to work in Schaumburg and player there 3-4x a week. Got a new job and a baby and I'm lucky to play 18 once a week...practice more than play these days.
I'm in Lombard...
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